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    extinction ideas

      does anybody agree that cod ghosts extinction should include cpt. price or someone from a previous

      campaign and do you think zombies are better than aliens or aliens are better than zombies.

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          Re: extinction ideas

          i like extinction better than zombies. my own opinion. and yeah including actual campaign people into it would be cool also in my opinion.

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              Re: extinction ideas

              Why not have Extinction & Zombies together? in Infected on multiplayer you can make it more zombied rather then dudes running around in hoods throwing knifes.

              I love Extinction but they could of really maximized the full funnies of Awakening, near the end protecting the four pillars they could of added the Mammoth Rhinos & also added the Gargoyles. Also they should of added when you stab a Gargoyle, they take you up in the air & if you were to stab one already in the air you should be able to hang on them & keep stabbing them. They need more people in their think tanks...

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