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      About 2 months ago I got deranked. I put up a forum immediately and got a quick response. He told me they were forwarding up my request. I waited a month. Nothing happened. So I told him it wasn't fixed. He said he was forwarding up my request up again. another moth later and nothing id fixed. Please help Activision I have waited too long.

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          Hey, Sefferboy

          I want to state that I am not associated with Activision, Infinity Ward, or BeachHead, so consider that while reading what little advice I can give you.

          First- your appeal will not even be seen by Activision, or Infinity Ward here on the forums. From what I have seen, I advise you to contact them at their Twitter account.

          Second- I do not think that the current batch of people who are complaining about being deranked, banned, etc... have actually been banned by Activision, Microsoft, IW, or BH. Last night, I spent a lot of time researching why so many people would be getting, seemingly, kicked off the game for no reason. I can safely state that I now know far more about hackers and mods than I ever wanted to know. Why anyone would go to such lengths solely to ruin the multiplayer experience for the masses is beyond my comprehension. I spent upwards of 2 and a half hours surfing the net, finding all the information I could regarding hacks and mods pertaining to CoD Ghosts, and I really believe that what a lot of people are experiencing is a malicious hack designed to prevent you from logging on, and participating in CoD Ghosts MP.

          When you sign on to XBox Live, or whatever system you may be using, how many squad points do you now have? If you have -1 squad points, I would say you are probably in the boat of people who have been hacked. One thing I always suggest is that people never attempt to call phone numbers that are listed in emails. Go online, to Activisions home page, and fill out a case report. While filling out a report, you should be given a ticket number/case number. Also, you should be able to get the 800 number for Activision's customer service. Disregard any phone number you may have been emailed, and call the number listed on their site. Do not start off the conversation with, "You bleeping idiots bleeping bleeped up my bleeping cod account!" That is a surefire way to get hung-up on. Instead, calmly tell them the problem you are having, and ask how to fix it. Most likely, you will need to uninstall/reinstall everything. It may take some time, but I think Activision will get to the bottom of what is going on. A multi-billion dollar company will not haphazardly slap bans on people for no reason.

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              I am doing this from my phone, so this link may or may not work. It is the link to Activision's customer service department, where you will need to set up an account (for free), and open a "case". My apologies if the link is broken.

              Activision.com Customer Support

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                  One last link that I wanted to share, just to show that Activision is not the ones giving the abrupt customer service. I do not advise others to contact Activision via Facebook, and only offer this as proof that the Customer Service people seem to be encountering is not the norm.


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                Can not appeal bans or resets here.

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                  I had a lot of issues with the app and dealing with my clan. I got almost immediate action form @ATVIAssist like the others said, be nice, you only have 140 chars GL