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    One Flag CTF..

      If I'm messing the name up, sorry, but you get it.. Does anyone actually play this?? Every time I'm on, I see very very few people playing this game mode.. The most I've seen, has been 125 people.. Normally I only see about 35-45 people in that game mode.. I have attempted to play it just to change it up a little, and all it is is spawn killing.. The game lets them sit there, watch you re-spawn, kill you, and make you wait like 8 seconds to re-spawn again.. They need to remove this and add the Nuketown playlist to the Bonus slot and just leave it.. It's the most popular map on the game, and it allows you to play a lot of different game modes.. I, personally, only ever play Domination and Kill Confirmed.. But when that list is up, I play whatever pops up and actually enjoy it.. It just seems like they would put something out there for people to play that is fun and the people really enjoy.. Why have a game mode that is a mix between Capture the Flag, and Demolition.. People don't enjoy being spawn trapped.. And I have no clue how people enjoy doing it to others..

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          Re: One Flag CTF..

          This is exactly what i've been saying, i mean lets go back and see...treyarch removed CTF from hardcore cos it had few people playing it and then replaced domination which was nice. Now in bonust playlist we had arms race which was good for getting scorestreaks, treyarch now removed arms race and put this crap one flag CTF which is even less popular than hardcore CTF and decided to leave it for this while, max i've seen in that playlist is 160 people and over 200k people were online. I dont understand why its so hard for them to bring back nuketown, pc players have nuketown forever and we consoles players cant get it, i dont understand. Even on twitter people have been sending them mess for the playlist, i mean everyday i read a tweet of people asking and still no update.

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