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    What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

      As many of you know COD Ghosts has a really bad Hack going on right now for the last month. It has been confirmed by Activision and thousands of players each day are being banned. You do not get a second chance anymore if you hack you lose the account no matter what you purchased for DLC or extras. Here is my list many are not obvious in game but the website that i saw this on lets you change anything you want to make it hard to find the real cheaters.



      * All Characters

      * All Load outs

      * All Emblems & Patches

      * All Camos & Gear

      * Unlimited Squad points

      * Unlock Use Any Perks

      * Unlock All Kill Streaks

      * Prestige Anytime to any level

      * Have Any Rank

      * Change stats

      * Unlock Special weapons Mini Gun & Wild Widow Magnum

      * Aimbot can be changed for different areas of body Headshots, Chest & Torso

      * Aim Assist player will lock onto you and weapon only fires when you are visible not missing any shots

      * Wall hack player can see you throu all walls at all times

      * Advanced UAV player can see you on mini map at all times

      * Knifebot auto-kill with knife within proximity of enemy

      * Autoprone will put you in prone when fired at

      * AutoSwitch bot goes to next enemy on auto

      * Autoshoot fires for you

      * AutoWall fires when a bullet can go through the wall

      * AutoZoom makes the gun zoom when aimed

      * Field Of View adjust the aimbot to see 360

      * Human Aim, makes you look like your not cheating

      * Aim Speed can be set to slow or fast

      * AimKey hold down to lock on to the enemy

      * Visibility Check only locks on when player can be hit

      * Adjustable colors

      * Locate all dogs

      * See Dropped Weapons and Explosives

      * Alerts when opponents or Explosives are nearby

      * View where enemies are aiming

      * Adjustable Enemy, Team and Weapon Colors

      * Set the fade of the radar & stats

      * Four slots to save settings

      * Ability to move menu

      * Menu fully mouse controlled

      * No Recoil, gun does not move up when firing

      * No Spread, all bullets hit dead center

      * Adjustable stats player can change K/D and winning %

      * Assault/ Support Kill Streaks player can use Assault kill streaks even when he dies and still gets them at his bonus like Support


      These hacks are really hard to spot but Kill cams dont really lie. If you notice a player pre firing around every corner that you are near even while using any perks that he could not possibly know that you are waiting for him its a good chance he is using Wall hack. If you notice a player always getting head shots and not missing any shots he is using Auto Aim and assist. None of your perks will work against these hacks. I had to look up the hack myself on google > videos to see what this hack will give you.


      The 1 thing that is a clear give away is time played if you have under 6 days played and you are master prestige you are full of Sh_t and a cheater. Also players that have winning % well over 10% not likely especially if they are not in a party. Kill death ratio's that are extreme but when you look at lobby leaderboards they are below average. Im sorry but if your that good in lifetime stats then you should have no problem playing that way all the time.


      I have done lots of re search on this post and have talked to Activision about it and gave them all this information too which is why thousands are being banned everyday now. I hope all this information is useful. Report those that you think are cheating and let Activision take care of it. Watch kill cams dont report players that are just good and beating you because you are not. If none of you believe me that these hacks are true. Google Ghosts Hacks and watch some videos

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          1. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

          Thanks for the info I will keep an eye out great post btw

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            2. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

            I agree and dont like cheaters as it spoils the game for the rest of us. You need to be careful when reporting Hackers/cheaters Though as judging by recent posting there seems to be a lot of innocent people getting their accounts blocked. I'm no cheater, but sometimes I'll get decent score of 20 kills or my son will play on my account and he's quite good, then I'll get a message in my in box calling me a hacker or camper

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              3. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

              I get called a cheater all the time because my K/D is high 4.42. And im sure i get reported but i am still playing. I know Activision gets thousands of calls a day or reports and thats why it takes 48-72 hours for them to take action. Activision does lots of reviewing and if they suspect someone of cheating they usually are. I dont believe those that get wrongfully banned usually they are just mad and upset because they got caught they want others to feel bad for them while lying because they want to see the proof. I get personal messages all the time or players join the lobby see the lobby leaderboards and say hey back out im not playing with this cheater and most of the time i know its me they are talking about LOL. If you are innocent then you have nothing to worry about but if you are cheating then you should be scared because your days playing on that account are limited. Also some players think they can just make another account well if you get again you get a console ban.

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                4. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

                Great overview. I am sure they don't ban you on just a single game. Prior games also have to be reviewed giving them proof to ban a individual.

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                  5. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them



                  I do applaud you for taking the time to educate yourself and Activision on the types of cheating that is prevalent in Ghosts.  And, from past history, it's true that when the cheaters get caught they cry on these forums asking what did they do to get a ban.  I was thrilled to see the ban hammer fall over the week-end -- at first -- but then I started wondering about many of the posts from the confused folks who either got a single account/player ban and then eventually a console ban when they tried using other accounts on their console.  To me, it seemed wrong and I felt really bad for those people and wondered if Activision would take a second look.  Apparently, they did and people are getting their bans lifted.  We're all frustrated with the amount of cheating that's going on but we also need to be sensitive to the fact that sometimes innocent people get swept up in the big ban bang.  I suspect, but don't know for fact, that some of the people that got banned because they got thrown into a hacked lobby and perhaps their files got modifed, which was detected by anti-cheat software.  Anyhow, I'm not knocking you in any way and am glad that people are being vigilant against cheaters.  Just, please be a bit more sensitive until all the facts come out.

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                    6. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them
                    online ban then unbanned 24 hrs later,no explanation as to why,no sorry you were innocent. Could it of been a temp ban?
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                      7. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

                      If someone is sharing a PS3 and has multiple accounts on it like their kids and what not. If their kids are going to download the hack and keep doing it then yes they should get a console ban even thou the other accounts where innocent. How else are people gonna learn that cheating and hacking is wrong unless you punish them to where they learn their lesson and if they want to do it again they are going to have to pay for it by buying a new console. Most of the hackers are these annoying kids that think its a joke but their parents are paying for the game and console not them. Not knowing what they are doing yes they are probably getting their accounts banned also or just console ban. The ban hammer was fully put into affect over the weekend because so many players have called Activision and said they wont play Ghosts anymore if something isnt done asap i know because i was 1 of them. If you get thrown into a hack lobby then you leave but no most stay and think thats innocent. You report the whole lobby or those that you think are responsible and let Activision review the evidence. They monitor and watch previous games played as well as games played after the report. I talk to Activision frequently and they always listen to my feedback and my proof which most dont do when reporting. Its gonna takes months to sort out all the hackers but hopefully this wont happen again but i doubt it. Activision used to give out second and third chances but not anymore they are sick of the cheaters who think its all a joke and just get reset and do it all over again because they know they can still play. Ban all the hackers if they are innocent let Activision decide who is cheating and who isnt but most that got caught and are crying over it are not that innocent. People lie especially when they get caught thinking they cant be caught or the person that caught them has no proof.

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                        8. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

                        No more temp bans from what i have been told by Activision. If someone thinks they have been wrongfully banned call Activision Support and talk to them they will give you an explanation on the ban. Some have had ban uplifted but thats because they called to get explanation and it was probably their kids doing the hacking and not them.

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                          9. Re: What hacks are being used and ruining Ghosts. How to spot cheaters to report them

                          Agree with all your points, just saying that there were apparently a significant amount of people who got caught up in this last ban sweep that weren't cheating.


                          So, we're not being paid by Activision to solve their problems, but can we as a community make some suggestions to help them put better cheat detection/prevention into their games?  I also took a quick look at some of the youtube vids posted by hackers/modders and online tutorials they provide to help other people hack.  For example, some kid has a video out there that tells people how to modify their game saves to create XP lobbies.  Geez -- seems to me that there's a rather simple way to prevent this.  Some games that I play on the Playstation console won't allow me to copy my game saves to a USB or visa versa -- the saves can only be copied to/from Sony's cloud.  If COD did the same, that could easily eliminate a lot of the cheating that's going on in Ghosts as well as previous COD releases.


                          Let's put our thinking caps on and start talking solutions.  We might not have the right solution, but Activision (Infinity Ward, Treyarch, etc.) could take some of our ideas and put them into the most practical solution.

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