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    Satisfying Moments...


      So, it goes without saying that this game is full of frustrating moments. That guy you just can't seem to kill. Spawning in front of an enemy. Bad Teammates. Insta-kills. You name it, I am sure every one of us has experienced it at some level or another.


      But at the same time, I think we've all had moments in game that just made us smile, or were just very satisfying no matter what else occurred during that match.


      Had one the other day, playing lone wolf on HC TDM on Flooded, which for me can be a rage-inducing map even on the best day. The Randoms and I played against a nearly full party, and nearly all of them were using shotguns with Muzzle Brakes and Foregrips. As you can imagine, this led to some frustrating moments of getting taken out at range or insta-kills in CQB.


      I was not immune to this frustration and had a less than stellar game in our loss, came in second on my team but not up to my usual standards. I did, however, experience one of those extremely satisfying moments during the course of the game.


      One guy in particular had been killing me repeatedly in the office building. I was finally able to pick him off and, as I don't carry a secondary, I picked up his Shotgun. I crossed over from the Office building to the parking garage and climbed to the top level with his shotty in hand. Ran through the garage and to the back door of the restaurant, where apparently the entire enemy team was congregating.


      I rushed in, took out the same player with his own shotgun, and then proceeded to get 5 or 6 more kills with that shotgun as they ran into the bottom of the restaurant before being taken out from behind by a guy coming through the kitchen. We didn't win, but that sequence was enough to get my adrenaline flowing for the next several games.


      So, what are some satisfying moments.. win or lose... you've had during the course of playing this oft-frustrating game?

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          I don't have an actual instance, but in general, I love being the guy that get the major buzzkill. You know when an enemy is on a 15+ killstreak and you're searching for him. Whats even better is when you hear their death mic and they're screaming or crying, "NOOO". This is a scenario thats really only been around MW2 for me. Trying to prevent nukes.


          You know, I love that edition to the game. Hearing the mic of the enemy when you kill them. Thats good innovation.

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              I remember the first time in MW3 (I think?) we heard that. A friend actually thought the game was broken since he could hear the other team's reaction. Pretty funny stuff, nobody had heard about that and nobody knew what was going on at first.


              I love playing that role as well. Especially coming into a game late and disrupting the other team's streaks. Fun to hear their death chat go from gloating to frustrated for sure. I have tempered myself a little bit this time around, but I have always made it a point to get revenge on whoever killed me last, or to take out the leading scorer on the other team. So satisfying, especially when they have done so via a cheesy hiding spot, like this guy hiding on the blue wall near tower on Prison Break yesterday.


              Glad to see your reply, was worried my thread had become a magnet for troglodytes until then.

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              Was playing domination on prison break. Enemy was capturing B flag, took out my maaws and got 5 kills with one launch. Came over the kill feed and my team went crazy. We won that match to boot. I said, "now thats how you clear out the B flag fellas."

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                   Cool story bro!


                Mine would be the 53 and 20 game of hc dom on ignition. Got my squat mate 3 times or more that game. I didn't realize until the game was over how well I did and yes I had quite A few caps aswell.  Just to follow up with a lame score next round, story of my life.

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                    LOL the first 2 response had me a bit worried. So much for having intelligent conversations anymore, eh?


                    I have the same thing. I will have games where I can do no wrong, followed by games where it looks like I am attempting to work the controller with my feet.

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                    Here's a vid I made a while back that was pretty satisfying. I thought the game was over for sure when I died. But never underestimate the stupidity of the enemy in CoD...


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                      I've got a few stories:


                      1) MW3 was my first COD to ever have the epic killstreak we see on YouTube. I got my first MOAB on Dome Demolition after my classmate said he doubted in my chance of getting a MOAB and my adrenaline was active. So I pretty much changed his entire prospective on me and I proceeded to get 2 moar MOABS in Infected.


                      2) In Black Ops 2 I had got it for Christmas and now felt big and bad since all my friends had it since launch. I pretty much went to the butcher for the first wave of games to those with more experience and BO2 weapon, map, and metagame knowledge. Then I unlocked the KSG and went on a 20 streak with my friends cheering on to add icing to the cake.


                      3) There is just something about that MAAWS. I LOVE IT. I got a triple with one rocket I believe on Octane. The rage on the enemy team was priceless.

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                        MW2 - getting a nuke on a FFA while booster hunting and killing anyone in my way. Map was Estate. Started out with a triple kill RPG and got my 24th and 25th kill on a double kill C4 on boosters before getting killed by one of the boosters as I was calling in my nuke. Getting a nuke while preventing cheaters from getting one was very rewarding.


                        Ghosts - getting a nice 4 piece multi kill with the MSBS, literally in 2-3 seconds and 5 bursts cleared out the entire team. Lets say the lobby left after that match. During the last clan wars, was just playing with a bunch of randoms on Stonehaven and managed to get a win by forfeit within the first 90 seconds of the match starting when the entire opponent team (all with the same clan) left. We were up 11-1 with a Battle Hind being called in. Always nice when randoms can make a full 6 person crew quit.

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                          I remember I shot someone once, and they actually died the way they were suppose to.  I beat my chest like a gorilla.  Then I got revenge spawn killed....

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                            Getting one over on my arch enemy on ghosts. I was put in his team with his clan mates (5 of them) on prison break, and all he did was swear at me down the mic for having the cheak to "take his kills" (apparently I was in "his" area of the map). This served me to do it even more .


                            Anyway next few games I was put on the other team and he and his team get the better of me, leading to much ridicule. Anyway, since then I keep meeting them, and always get stick from them. I also learned their camping spots eventually. So at the weekend I was against them in flooded, destroyed them with some randoms, destroyed them and went 19-1 and the final kill was mine against.....you guessed it my arch enemy.......a knife kill from behind (he was laying down) followed by a T bag


                            Of course I was gracious in victory before they left the lobby saying "there's no point talking cuz I've muted you"!!

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                              Mine are facing better than normal players and giving them a run for their money. The challenge of facing a better opponent is when I have most enjoyment.

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                                     I've been a bit bored with standard setups lately and have been trying to use some strange combinations. One of the classes I have is agility/reflex/overkill / gold riot shield / chainsaw with rf / throwing knife.


                                    I was playing ffa and there had been the same couple guys winning over the last several matches ...... you know those guys ...  running their yap the whole match ..... everyone is bad in the game but them. They kill you, you s*ck, you kill them  you really s*ck .... blah blah blah.


                                     Anyhow ..... I ran into the control room on sovereign and  got a throwing knife kill that earned me a squadmate.  Now I'm not thrilled about squadmates. i dont use them often and when I do, they dont seem to accomplish much. But this time, the 2 of us stuck in this tiny room with everyone rushing it, we went on this major beatdown that was tiotally awesome. I couldnt even see what was going on for all the cracks in my shield but I just kept turning back and forth bashing blindly in the direction of gunfire. The only thing I could see well were all the points racking up on my screeen. The squadmate must have been working perfectly with me because the shield is a 2 hit kill, but I was getting a kill with every clunk of my shield, along with an occasion extra one in between.


                                    I dont have a clue what kind of streak it wound up being, with all the excitement it probably seemed like a lot more than it was ...... but the most gratifing part was the last comment I heard from the one dude who had been running his mouth all night ....."Thats Bullsh*t!! Thats it, I'm outa here!!"   Beautiful words to hear from someone you've been on the edge of muting for the last several games.


                                     I also thought it was funny because some other dude started complaining that it was ffa but there were a couple guys with riot shields working together in the control room.  " Yeah, they're teaming up, they arent even trying to kill each other "..... lol

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                                    I know that feeling, even though I don't play FFA.


                                    I love getting into a lobby of really smug players, just back and forth about how awesome they are and how bad others are... usually a full squad on the other side. Since I've been playing lone wolf so much, I usually end up getting a loss to those teams when I am put into the first match late. Love that feeling when I do well against them next game and defeat them with a team of Randoms... and they all conveniently have to leave after that match.

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                                    180 degree knife lunge I got in SnD.

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                                      I use the Amelli on Free fall and just go nuts, its great fun. The other night the opposition were camping our spawn point and we were getting dicked so as soon as I spawned I just lay down to protect it, at that moment they all rushed us and I just mowed them down in waves. I got the "omnicide" patch .


                                      P.S. Don't be late for our Low Key dinner!

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                                        Mine was:


                                        I was playing SnD in prison break, was on the defending side. I decided to run for the hill right from the start using marathon and agility. And what do I see; ENTIRE enemy team rushing towards A bomb site from under the hill. I spotted all of them. Killed 5 out of 6. Was using honey bagger.

                                        One of the enemy snuck by, the next thing i know; you are the last man standing, remember your training.. Dont ask me how my ENTIRE team just died, maybe those guys took some of my teammates with them.

                                        So, now its 1vs1. The guy planted the bomb at A. I ran out of bullets, jumped off the hill and picked up the first weapon I saw, which unfortunately was the Kasket (worst weapon EVER!!!). I shot towards the bomb site and got a hit marker. No bullets, no decent weapon, running out of time...


                                        I just ran towards the bomb site, peeked through the window and saw him laying down and aiming down the door. I jumped into the window and knifed him from his back as he was completely oblivious... picked up the bomb and diffused it with 1 sec remaining...


                                        All in all: 6 kills and a bomb diffuse... Aced it!!

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                                          so much for a flop


                                          WE were playing hc s&r with cranium2001 and ran into a group of trash talkers, it was going to be my last game but we lost so the trash talk became even worse. I said I would play one more and it was on octain. So I pulled out my handy tube class ( grenade attachment with the kastet as secondary with bullet penetration rounds and the obvious perks) we beat them 4 to 0 needless to say they backed out in the last round.

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                                            Playing Drop Zone this past weekend and the Drop Zone appeared behind the hanger at the back of the map.  I chucked a Hail Mary Semtex from just inside of C flag and heard the hit marker then...BOOM!   I had the good fortune of it being the final kill and getting the kill cam for it.  I had blind chucked them like that before but had never gotten to see the actual reaction of the soldier it stuck to right before it exploded.  I actually think he winced!


                                            Satisfying to say the least!

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                                              Last night, playing TDM on stove haven and getting first blood...I spawned in over by where the C flag would be (enemy team spawns where B would be).


                                              I decided to immediately jump on the logs and shoot the castle door down to stop emenies getting a free run to our spawn, and what do you know, i crushed someone with the door If only we had theatre mode so i could see what it was like for them haha

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                                                Mine was hitting a throwing knife to a clan member he was gutted pity we can't hear it , I've had many moments but this just because we played together for awhile and the fact i brought it it up "how bout that catch"