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    Is CoD still fun to play alone?

      I find myself asking this is often now me and my friends are consumed with work and University, we find our gaming time much more limited than we once did. For example we all used to be able to play together and have fun but now we can't do that as much.


      I find that the recent CoDs --Ghost and BO2-- aren't fun to play alone. In fact I'd say the last game that was really fun to play alone would be Black Ops 1 and then most of MW3.


      I don't know if its the maps, guns or just the fact this CoD doesn't have anything interesting about it but I do have a theory that the Devs no longer focus on making a fun game and now they focus on making a game for MLG players or people who want to play in an overly competitive manner and thus this game isn't fun to play at all.


      I mean instead of focusing on the 85% of people that don't play MLG or competitive they've made the game completely competitive and totally designed around MLG players. I mean I played Titanfall this weekend at a friends house as I don't own an Xbox and I can safely say I had fun, not because it was new, I mean its basically an FPS with parkour but it was the fact the game was amazingly fun to play. It wasn't like 'OMG tryhard competitive mode' it was casual as they come and it reminded me of every CoD before BO2. It isn't design for MLG players, its designed to devliver a fun gaming experiance.


      So overall I don't think this game is fun to play or even fun to play alone. I think its better with friends because it creates a social platform and you forget about why you dislike the game.


      Anyway I've went off topic a bit but is CoD still fun to play alone?