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    360 Clan: Impolite Warfare (kd NOT a issue)

      Impolite Warfare

      Play how you want, if you camp the whole time that is fine, if you run and gun that is cool too.



      -16 or older

      - be willing to play core/hardcore

      -Sailor Mouths OK

      (just don't leave mid game)

      -Must have mic

      -Participate in clan wars.

      -English speaking


      About us:

      - five members

      -clan level 14

      - Majority play on 360

      - Mainly hardcore players




      Dig1talDolly- 26yrs old

      k/d- 1.47.


      LT commander Minors Div.


      16yrs old

      k/d- 0.77

      UK LT commander:
      Uk Spot Available to Lead others of the same timezone as them while people across the pond are asleep.

      How good are you guys? We are decent, during clan wars we are persistent.
      How many girls do you have? There is two girls
      How active do i need to be? during clan wars you will be expected to help out as much as you can.
      other than that, come on and play with other members when your in the ghosts mood.
      Do i need to add all members? Yes
      Is there a trial run? Kinda, we will play a couple games with you to see how you react being killed.


      To apply:

      app wise: Search Impolite Warfare
      No app? Add Dig1talDolly
      or leave your GT in the comments.