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    Xbox Live Second Largest Clan is Looking for Active Members!

      Hey whats up Guys, DoG is the 2nd biggest clan in Xbox Live. We are sitting at 2600 members and is increasing day by day. We recruit anyone who wants to join, We dont have a K/d Requirement. All that we want from you is that you be 17 or older and have a mic. We have guys on Xbox one and 360 but im here recruiting for the 360 group.


      How The Clan Works.


      We have a ranking system from 1 - 9. The more you improve the higher you go up.

      We have a thing called CGN Mondays and Wensdays. Its when we get together and have fun and play around in a private match with our fellow clan members. This is a great way to get to know each other and make good friends. Then after that we have our branch meeting. This is how you know whats going on and what activities are gonna be happening.




      One of the reason why our clan is so popular is because we host a lot of tournaments.

      We do Free for all, Death Match, Recruiting challenges. Etc. If you win you will be awarded a price. We have given out 100 dollars xbox cards. 200 dollar custom controllers. We also give out xbox games.


      Clan Wars.


      We do Clan Wars if you are intrested. I dont know what their rank out but I do know their are a high level and a amazing team to play with.


      How to Contact Us.


      If you are intrested, Then feel free to add me and send me a message on xbox.

      My gamertag is DoG LunarAsassN. I am on everyday when Im not at work. I will get back with you as soon as I can.