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    aim bots in almost every lobby now on 360. I'm so sick and tired of getting stressed out 2 major issues that grindus down and make us not want to playu

      Aim bots always on using vacs and delays to avoid detection 100 free sites giving them away on the Web trigger bot aim bot some kind of anti nube tube that makes them impossible to kill with danger close hitting them dead on. As well as when someone's shooting at u and u run behind a door or make it into the center of the building and drop dead..... wtf is this some kind of ummm system bug that says hmm did he shoot u or not half way into the room Umm okay he did no he did not its a glitch when u run into a room or around a corner in stand death even if the bullets miss is some kind of textual glitch it's like if the bullets pass thru the dam textual lean spots they bend and follow u fix it it's passing me off. And the aim bots these guys are garbage they think there good running around using a bot to think there good and the fked up thing is the smart people use them they are dumb asses with no skill ignorant and completely oblivious to how it effects the game for anyone else but them self so what ur rich and ur horrible at playing the game so u rage and cry so daddy let's u buy a aim bot ur a moron