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    Joining a CW?

      I've only had the game a couple weeks, and this will be my first clan war. I've looked everywhere and can't find an answer, so this could just be a really bad question, but -- How does my clan join the clan war? Are we automatically enrolled just being a clan, does the leader need to go on the app and do something?

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          AAs long as you have at least three members in your clan prior to the roster lock you are automatically enrolled... If you don't have the cod ghosts app I strongly recommend you get it .. If you already have it you should go to the clan wars page hit the menu in the upper left corner and they have a clan wars FAQ there.

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              Thanks for the reply. I actually do have the App, and looked at the FAQ, but it doesn't actually say how you get in. I didn't know if there was a "join war" button I couldn't see or what. When I look at the map of Clan War locations, the requirements to join are cut off at the bottom, so I wanted to ask to make sure. Does this mean at 12 PDT / 3 EST or whenever it's supposed to start, I can look at the CoD App and it will show the other 7 clans I'm going up against then?

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                  Yes, you will be able to see all info about your division, opponents and game modes you will need to play to capture nodes when clan wars go live at 12pm PDT/3pm EST/7pm GMT - whatever your local time equivalent