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    Richtofen or Maxis???


      So Ive done all Rictofen eggs done endgame and redid richtofen. Prrsonally I feel Rickys was more rewarding but I see tons of people wanting to do maxis side and kind of wonder why? Lol anyway whats your ee preference and why?

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          I did Richtofen because.... Richtofen. One of the most vibrant and funniest character ever in CoD...

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            I prefer Richtofen over Maxis, and its better for the world if he wins. But going forward, Maxis' ending is the more interesting one. As Buried ends, Maxis is going to let the world be destroyed, but it hasn't happened yet. He puts Richtofen in the zombies to punish him, so there is still time. So the story would be interesting going forward if we had to stop Maxis somehow to save the world from its impending doom. Richtofen just wants to keep the world as is and play with humans some more. So that storyline wouldn't be much different from what we already have been doing.

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              Maxis did win in a way. Origins happened so ya. At least my personal thought was that's why that time bubble happened, maxis attempted to free Samantha but only did it partially, and the heros did the rest with the ee. Anyways conspiracy theory aside I chose richtofen, cause I knew maxis was going to screw you over in the end and I was right. Plus richty is my favorite character so..

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                Storywise, Richtofen's is the "good ending," from what we know thus far.


                Maxis' reward for hitting the button seems better. Who needs a fire sale at round 60?