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      I dont understand when I get to the last hive i cant plant the drill and like 20 or 30 rhinos start chacing me any one know why

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          more like 2-3 easy with the exaggerations

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            its 3 rhinos and 2 of them come out the same spot one at a time when you first go out all the way to the right behind the vehicle and if everyone is shooting at them you can take them out one at a time before the next one comes out...the harder part is when the breeder comes back and all the hunters and phantoms are still there thats when i throw up a vulture and a portable sentry to shoot the breeder

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              If ur talking about POC a guy on youtube had that happen to him, u can outrun the rhinos if u rank up medic all the way and ferrell instincts also the portable turret destroys the rhinos if u rank that up all the way. I use the portable turret to destroy rhinos on solo and kill the breeder fast!!!

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                Use maxed out portable turrets, it'll rip the rhino to shreds.

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                  In nightfall, where should me and my team be after planting the drill at the final(?) hive at the top of the center structure in the building?  First time we made it over the weekend and we were slaughtered by the 2 (or 3?) rhinos that appeared.  So little room to move around at the top, theres got to be a better place to defend the drill...

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                    If it was really 20-30 rhinos, you got screwed. My buddies took too long on the first breeder and 4 rhinos ambushed them instantly from all sides, they died in like 2 seconds (noobs). But yeah...you can get a few rhinos. Don't believe 20-30 though.