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    I hate free fall

      Cluttered confusing hard to see camp fest.

      I hate freefall.

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          1. Re: I hate free fall

          You hate everything in ghosts.


          However I agree that freefall is pretty bad.

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            2. Re: I hate free fall

            Your not alone, worse map ever created! Explains why it was given away for free. Even they knew it would never sell.

            Last Edited: Mar 20, 2014 2:40 AM
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              3. Re: I hate free fall

              Yeah, it's a terrible map.


              The biggest problem for me is that every game feels exactly the same as the last, there's no room to do anything different and move around, it's just one team shooting one way and the other shooting the other way.


              I'm bored with it already.

              Last Edited: Mar 20, 2014 3:43 AM
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                4. Re: I hate free fall

                I've not had chance to play it in MP.  Every time it comes up the lobby votes to skip it.

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                  5. Re: I hate free fall

                  I like the map. I don't know why, I think it's cool. Only thing with really hate about it is that every time they I play it, half the time resorts to using riot shields while the other half stay at the spawn without moving. Only playing SnD.

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                    6. Re: I hate free fall

                    I agree too. It's super small and yet it breeds campers. I don't get it. What's even worse is it was added to the normal rotation.

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                      7. Re: I hate free fall

                      I actually don't mind Free Fall.  It's not my favorite map but I don't avoid it when it comes up in the rotation.  However, last night I was playing and thought it telling that when the choice was between Stonehenge and Free Fall, Stonehenge won by a landslide.  So I'd say that there is a good part of our community that really doesn't like Free Fall.

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                        8. Re: I hate free fall

                        From a gameplay standpoint, I'm indifferent.  It's a new challenge, and an opportunity for me to learn and adapt.


                        That being said, there is a big sticking point that has me on the side of dislike.  They marketed free fall as a dynamic map; you're playing on a building as it's falling!  At face value, that sounded totally sick, and the epitome in my opinion of a levelution based map!  In game however, the sight lines stay the same.  You may notice the out of map scenery shift a little, and the map shakes a bit, but overall, it's not at all the game changing levelution we were led to believe.  In that sense, I am a little disappointed.


                        Here's to hoping this is only a one time hiccup. 

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                          9. Re: I hate free fall

                          Holy crap we agree on something.


                          It is a terrible map by all standards. I had a picture in my head of what that map was going to look like, so that might add to my disappointment, but the flow is terrible and it just seems haphazard and random. Have only played it once in MP rotation, came in late, and was spawn killed about 7 times. What a mess.

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