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    Clan Wars Announcements need to be earlier


      I appreciate the efforts done in improving the app and the team working it. This suggestion may be helpful to people as some clans unlike others have people who work and/or attend School or college.


      It would great if the announcement for clan wars can be placed on the weekend before the wars start. giving leaders the chance to contact their members about their availability to compete for Diamond or not and then to opt-in for the wars.  Some may say 24 hours notice period is enough time to do it, but when you  have a large clan you would at least need to know the number of members playing during that war and not everyone can reply right away as may be busy.




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          I also agree with this.. alot of players have personal lives, and in order for player to be able to plan accordingly they need to give people a heads up on what they are doing..


          ( ive already made my g/f mad a couple of times by saying "oh just found out today clan wars is this weekend") whats her response.. Why didnt you tell me earlier?.. my response.. they didnt tell us until today..

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            Announcing early would be nice, though they are on a schedule now (just no official schedule exists).  You can assume it is every other week starting at 12pm EST on Wednesday and going till the following Monday at 12pm EST.  Thus you should be able to assume there will be a clan war. 


            As for knowing the modes and items like that, I also agree that we need more of an advanced knowledge of this...I think it would be wise to even allow us to specify what we want our first target to be. This may help reduce the large influx of people loading the app and causing it to be unusable for the first couple hours of the clan war.

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                I read this thread title with the intention of posting the same thing LifeSong1. The Clan Wars schedule seems pretty set at twice per month, every other week/weekend. I manage a 100 active member diamond division clan, and I post the availability/signup sheet every other Monday, assuming the CW will take place every other weekend. And if for some reason the CW is postponed or doesn't happen, it's no big deal. Better to be over prepared then try to scramble 24 hours before.

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                I think they should start on the actual weekend instead of the middle of the week. The first couple hours are a big part of winning and if you have to work your kinda ******