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    Clan with different clan tags in same clan!!

      Ive recently come across a clan with 3 different clan tags in red but are all from the same clan for example one would say (ghst) next would say (cod5) and next would say (wmtu) but when viewing there clans in game they all came from the same clan...upon asking why it was like this I had an answer that the clan leader had split the clan into different sub sections so when doing clan wars they had there groups to play in.....my question here is ..is this even possible without hacking the game .? And if so how do you do tgis as there is nothing on the app that allows you to fo so..

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          Yes it is possible simply by players choosing to remove clan tag they can create one of their own in the create a soldier,, I don't know if they fixed this side effect yet but when wearing the clan gold or red tags if you go and change the tag through crated a soldier it would show the new one with the gold or red color for a period of time.  It is not done through the clan management page you can't have multiple tags there at all.

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            The other alternative is that they were using the clan tag hack that allows for 2 characters and it can be red but it sounds like yours were 4 characters and red.  If all of their clan tags were red and 4 digits then they were not in the same clan as you can't have that.  If some of their clan tags were red (all had to be the same) and others were white then that is what OUHATEME was saying.  Otherwise, it is possible there are 2 clans that work together and are both level 25 and possibly have very similar clan names (like one has an O and one has a 0).  Just guessing as I don't know the exact situation.

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                This was not done by create a solider using custom tags and the clan was clearly the same clan no different spellings! It was also not done thru the way of colouring the clan tag by blue stacks hack.. tgis was a clan that had diff sub sections in there clan. I really didn't understand how that is possible!  I understand what both of you are saying.