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    Is Extinction worth $120+?

      This is the question that I have had to ask myself. I bought Ghosts on launch for $60 and I have to say the MP is terrible, the SP is done and over with for me (not really that great either), but Extinction is the bees knees. I love this game mode and I think that it is working really well for the CoD franchise. Then I had to realize that I will be buying 4 map packs at $15 each to finish enjoying the only part of this game that's worth something. I passed on the season pass and the game price has dropped drastically since launch, so I missed the boat on that but even thenso Extinction would ring up at a healthy $90+ for 5 maps. This is pretty absurd to me. I can't bring myself to shell out $120 just for Extinction. With that being said, IW should definitely allow separate purchase of the Extinction content. It's bad enough we are stuck with the rest of the game disc, I don't want to foot the bill on DLC that I won't even use. With that being said, what are you guys thoughts on splitting the DLC? How do you feel about spending possibly $120+ for Extinction only?

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          I came into FPS XBOX COD games about halfway through DLC releases for MW3. I enjoyed all aspects of that game and eventually purchased all DLC for it. Paid full price since CoD games seem to hold as new prices even after the release of other games... BF, Halo, BLOP2 etc. Bought BLOP1 and 2 but MW3 held my most interest but my kiddos really like zombies so once again bought a ton of DLC's for those as well plus extra micro trans since the kiddos just had the have bacon camo... ok ok the bacon camo is mine dammit! But upon reading this post and thinking I've spent a ton on COD games and a lot on game modes Im not 100% into like I am with Extinction. For clarifacation I never "crazed" upon releases of other games after MW3 but when rumors of Ghosts started appearing and what they had in store for us I pre-ordered the game and seasons pass and my loving wife even surprised me with a hard copy edition of the strategy guide... I knew this game before it came out even! I will agree with a lot of Jslayers points, SP was good and gameplay flowed well even if overall it was short, Ghosts MP.... I loved MW3 MP after I learned it and Ghosts is still haunting me in MP. Im no superstar shooter in MP but I enjoy trading kills with folks for sure. Extinction by far has held me to Ghosts and even if I didn't own the seasons pass I would most certainly buy the DLC's one at a time upon release. I also agree they should have micro trans of certain parts of DLC releases, they could offer us The Extinction pack for the price of one and maybe throw some extras such as an outfit or headgear exclusive to that pack. Just a thought!   

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              Yea, in most cases CoD games will retain value, but Ghosts isn't one of those cases. You can get a brand new copy of Ghosts for $30 on Amazon. That says a LOT, when a used copy of BO2 at Gamestop is $30. Also BO2 new is selling higher than Ghosts new on Amazon just to be fair with a used BO2 only $3 or so behind.

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              Short Answer: Nope it's not.


              But I am doing the same as you, except I got the season pass rather than buying the DLC individually as they arrive/launch.

              I would love for them to bring out all Extinction maps in one single pack. If they do that though it wouldn't be until after all was released obviously. And I can't wait for that long.

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                It pisses me off too. Multiplayer is a huge step backwards from Black OPs graphically and the lag for Ghosts on multiplayer makes it not even worth playing in my opinion. Extinction, on the hand, is a huge improvement from zombies and the playing field is much more even IMO... I never played zombies on other COD games because they were too boring and time consuming... I can only play a few hours a night.


                I think Extinction needs to be its own game, sold separately from Ghosts and they should start treating it as such.

                They should start us down that path by allowing us to purchase Extinction maps separately.

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                  Thanks for all the feedback from everyone. I have been pondering a bit more about this over the weekend and after reading everyone's responses. I just can't bring myself to do it honestly. Nightfall will be my last Extinction experience with CoD Ghosts. I will continue to play PoC and NF with friends but the future episodes will just get missed by me. Do I have $45 to spend on the remaining DLC if I wanted? Yea, but at that point I don't think it's worth it for me. I have never in my life spent $120 for a game with 5 maps and I don't intend to start now.


                  Imo the DLC absolutely has to be split and a bundle offering at the same time. Maybe $10 for MP content and $8 for Extinction content and getting both together is $15 or Extinction season pass at $20. For those that love the MP and Extinction and have a season pass, it's a good deal. But for me, not even close. I could literally buy 2 brand new AAA titles for that price and have a full gaming experience on each. Instead, I would get 5 maps of an awesome partial game experience.


                  I guess I just don't like buying something I don't want, can't use (atleast in the way I want to), and can't sell to someone else to get my cash back. When I say, can't use, I mean in the way they have implemented the DLC MP maps. They aren't even in normal rotation and the only mode I enjoy, for the most part Domination, is coupled with 2 game modes I hate in a moshpit. When I say can't sell, I mean in the literal sense that if you bought a car with a hideous spoiler on it, you could atleast sell that spoiler to someone else and get your cash out of it. In the case of DLC, you are stuck with that crap FOREVER!


                  Everyone is entitled to their own PoV though and I hope those that do get the DLC get the most out of it and truly enjoy it! Mayday looks awesome and I'm a bit bummed that I'm going to miss out on it.

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                    Upon further review, does it even really matter. I'm trying to resist getting the DLC crap pack, but I really want the next Extinction episode. Curse you IW for bundling that great content with such utter garbage!

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                      The only reason it's worth it to me because I genuinely enjoy it and I have the SP.

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                        I'd say add an extra game mode to Extinction & then I'll recommended it. For how long the maps play out, its really not worth a full $120. Its fun for awhile, but get extremely repetitive.

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                          in the fact , nobody here have spent 120 $ for extinction , as we all bought ghosts for the multiplayer.

                          then , if we don't love it and don't play it anymore , we waste about 60 $.

                          the question is if you love extinction , do you think it is worth 15 $ for each map ? ( or about 60$ for season pass) ?

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                              That doesn't change the fact that you absolutely HAVE to buy all of Ghosts whether you like it or not. Extinction is a package deal, the price to play it is the same for all. You don't get the choice to buy it separately. So yes, I will have spent $120 to play Extinction by the end of it if I buy the remaining maps.

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                              The whole game of ghosts is not even worth $12

                              Terrible game in every single way