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        20. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

        Disagree. No beta necessary. How many issues did we take note of within a week of launch? Hell...even a few days? Hundreds of thousands of players play within a half hour of launch. Of course it will launch with "things that work right". But everything aside from map exploits could have been found within a week of testing.


        What they should do is change their dev window...which may be fixed with how they're doing releases from here on out.

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          21. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

          Many of those "insults" appear after an issue has been brought up for a few weeks with no response. I think we've all seen very constructive criticism here in this forum for devs. So many examples of us stating things very calmly and without aggression. Seeing patches on other consoles come and go...seeing DLC on other consoles come and go...no response to much of what we politely say - I think some aggression at some point is expected. You don't think they expect it? If they get butt hurt over a couple people trolling them, then they need to find a new career. I think he was already wanting out of the conversation so he said he'd take his toys and leave the sandbox if we acted up again. Or he just knew he wasn't allowed to engage how he wanted so he backed out.


          Oh they planned for dedi's...my point is that when they said dedi's they meant dedicated servers + listen servers...not just dedi's. They made that clear a few months after launch. People got pissed about that.


          I agree...I prefer getting a "no" over silence any day. So much of the aggression and countless threads would have gone away if they just said no. At least we'd know.

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            22. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

            It drives me insane how many people stand up and cheer or turn all nicey-nice when he makes an appearance after they've been all rude and mean behind his back. He's not a god. You don't thank someone to that degree for a job they are supposed to be doing.

            WiimotesRus02 wrote:

            To be honest, it makes me sick when everyone thanks him just for showing up..

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              23. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

              The key is the hundreds of thousands of players playing a game that is going live for the first time.  Those players are going to find more issues faster than however many testers they have, and the testers aren't playing  with hundreds of  thousands of potential hosts.  How can they duplicate that without a beta?  Enlighten me.


              The point is it shouldn't be going live with hundreds of thousands of players for the FIRST TIME.  There should be a beta with hundreds of thousands of players.  The Wii U version in particular only gets like 8 months of dev time.  They stop patching in March and release the next game in November. I don't think that's enough time to develop and fully test a game like this.  Not even close.  The other consoles get two years of dev time and they still have issues.  I go back to what I've said in the past about Nintendo first party titles.  They spend like 4 years in development.  They also have few, if any, bugs.  They often get delayed.  The result is a game with a rock solid framerate that has few complaints.  Four years of dev time and they aren't nearly as complex as an online first person shooter.


              So we agree that they should fix the dev window at least.  That window will be improved, but unless a LOT more people start getting these games on Wii U, our dev window will remain the same.  Treyarch will make the game every year and we will have the same problems.  I would LOVE to see our dev window doubled or tripled, but it simply won't happen with these sale numbers.  At least now they have the controls right (except for the scopes) and they can just port those same controls over.  Hopefully they improve the scopes on the next game IF we get it.


              Edit: I mentioned earlier that I'm sure some bugs/problems are found, but the game has a deadline and has to be released regardless. 

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                24. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

                WiimotesRus02 wrote:

                I still stand by what I say, the only interaction they need to do is read about the bugs, seeing as there has to be bugs from what you're saying. They're not here to be our friends, therefore do not need to interact with us to make some of us think that way. If they have to post then what they say should be 100% true and honest, not tell us there's a patch coming and then it never happens, then the next time we hear anything is just prior to the next release of a game 6 months later. To be honest, it makes me sick when everyone thanks him just for showing up..

                Him saying dedis coming probably was 100% true at the time.  Same with the patch.  Why would he say they are working on one if he wasn't?    When I tell my wife I'm going to lunch at 8:00pm (I work nights), I had every intention of doing so, but when my boss says we're too busy and I have to wait till later, does that mean I lied when I told her?  Does that mean it wasn't the truth when I said it? No.  No it doesn't. 


                You're right.  All they have to do is read about the bugs and fix them.  They don't need to be our friends.  They don't need to interact with us.  ATU simply chooses to on his own time.  He's not paid for it.  I'm thankful when he does interact with us simply because he doesn't have to and takes time out of his day to do so.  The dev team wants to be involved or he wouldn't do it.  But why would he want to if him, and his team, are constantly insulted? 

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                  25. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

                  nintendon't wrote:

                  How were those pictures objectifying? They were just made up ADs and the women were fully clothed and whatnot.

                  they treat women like pieces of meat, plus... in the middle of a war and the buildings have giant holes in the walls, cars are on fire, there is rubble everywhere and these objectifying pics of girls are left unscathed? what gives?

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                    26. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

                    the WiiU community makes up for close to 1% of the total sales for Ghosts and its only going to get worse.


                    the player pool gets smaller and smaller making lag comp worse and worse.


                    we shouldnt be begging for attention from the devs or anybody from Activision...we paid for this, they should be begging us to stay with promises of better things to come.


                    i dont see that happening and i wont be surprised if the U is cut off from CoD in the coming years.

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                      27. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

                      i dont pay attention to the forums much anymore. 


                      its all just complaints about the game and dlc and patch this and patch that.


                      nothing really interesting going on anymore.


                      back in the golden era of W@W, the forums were on fire...so many different personalities keeping the forums fresh and alive.


                      as of this post, there is about 3 threads that have been posted in from 2 days ago...thats sad.

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                        28. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

                        yeah, i get that but is it really needed?


                        is there a tactical advantage for having them there?

                        something else could have easily replaced that.

                        W@W, MWR, BO had nothing like that at all.  ...so why start in MW3, BO2 and Gs?

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                          29. Re: @ A_Trey_U: What I Want From Call Of Duty & Why...

                          M4GNUM wrote:

                          OBJECTIFYING WOMEN

                          1: What? I think your old lady put you up to most of that.

                          2: Girls FINALLY got a female soldier, which is awesome. And before launch, Queen poo-poo'd that with a boycott threat and said how you all wouldn't buy Ghosts because it would be horrible to women and guys would be so gross to the female characters, blah, blah, blah. We all said she was wrong...and guess what? She was wrong. Dead wrong.

                          3: What you refer to in Ghosts is not objectifying. Unless you are just complaining about BO2, but that wouldn't make sense because this is a Ghosts forum.

                          1. does it need to be there? Queen and i are very alike in a sense that we enjoy the same things and dislike the same things. i got used to W@W, MWR and BO having great content in the maps.....didnt play Arkaden cuz of it and didnt play express or plaza cuz of the stuff within it. its not needed and its pointless.  is there a tactical advantage for having them there? no


                          2. " there was literally no difference in the male and female characters apart from the hair and the face, but overall good job on that part, if girls are to be included in future titles i can only hope they will be done as tastefully as they were in Ghosts." i can admit that what we thought they were goin to be dressed as was wrong but you cant say that she is dead wrong about the treatment of girls using girl characters. your "dead wrong"  idea is like saying that all girls have long hair, and what...you have to go across the world constantly monitoring every bodies hair lengths in order to prove yourself?


                          3. dont know what is in ghost apart from what you told me and i know there is a strip club in one of the maps and its featured on the map picture. true this is a G's forum, but alas this is a Call Of Duty website and talking about what is going on within Call of Duty at the moment gives me the right to include Gs and BO2 as the most recent games to have such content in them.

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