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      I have a clan of 8 people en-counting and the other clan im up against has 6 players all with 3.22 or 2.39 K/D's, is that fair I play for recreation and have a steady K/D of 1.01 (ghillie suit Challenge totally destroyed it) and now this clan is capturing everything, I thought the game was supposed to balance out the players not pit us against guys who either cheat or play 24/7. I like a little challenge here and there but this is horrendous, seriously how can my clan possibly have a fair fight. Although, I think they are cheating because they took almost all the nodes right when clan wars started, literally I watched them take it in the first 10 minutes with just 6 players. REALLY!!!!! I love you Call of Duty but im losing my love. I left the war torn Grand theft auto 5 cheating mess and now im losing this to.  


          First 10 minutes, really? really? I doubt that. K/D means nothing, like you said, you destroyed yours by doing a challenge. does K/D matter when capturing in blitz or domination? or collecting tags in KC? or even in cranked where run and gun is the key? fact is they are better, why don't you try and beat them instead of coming on here whining. everyone has 2 hands so no one is at a disadvantage here


            I have noticed the same type of thing happening in our clan ops.  But i've noticed the clans that seem to run completly away with it are on PSN.  Is there a possible advantage to playing on PSN over Xbox Live players?  I would like to think not, but the clan that is running away with the numbers only have 10 players and all except for 2 of the players are under a .90 k/d.  You can't possibly think that there aren't any doubts in my mind that somthing is just not right with the way that a clan like that is sweeping nodes within 10 minutes of attacking them.  The matchmaking has been better the last few clan ops, but obviously somthing else needs to be considered here, personally myself, i would rather compete strictly against Xbox Live players and not cross console challenge against PSN.  It seems every time we play against full PSN clans we get rolled way to quickly.  On top of that the majority of our clan has the last DLC but its pointless to play that when you have to vote to play different game modes every time. Why has the last DLC not been placed in with the normal map rotation along with an option for a random map vote, if you get stuck in a lobby with terrible maps almost everyone leaves for a different map.  Our clan has been contemplating for the last month or so just completely backing out of clan ops completely and just playing on normal ops during the week.  The gameplay is a completely different experience during those times.  Are any other clans in the same boat?


                AH I did hear that PSN was having issues with hackers, I know it's a game but to be pitted up against people with such a different player level is crazy. I remember that past call of duty's had a combat training for people who were below like level 10 but now new level one players can be faced with a whole team of max prestige guys, that's different but the point is that's how this clan war feels. Im not sure about anyone else but I guess PlayStation is easy to hack for some reason and to have a full clan of 3.22 K/D's is a bit much in my opinion, just last week I saw a guy with a 34.236 K/D and over 1001 days of play time, that guy was a obvious hacker but it seems that now the new thing going around on PSN is that hackers can infect other innocent players with god mode and IW's system is banning indiscriminately, this is exactly what happened on GTA5 when everyone received millions of dollars and getting crazy cheats, sometimes its cool on old games but in this case I hate hackers.


                . We took over every node the first day and the other clans have just stopped playing. We are in first place with 256 points and second place only has 15...  Makes for a boring clan war.... 

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                    what do you think would happen?  Casual gamers and clans like mine aren't gonna have a chance so why try? We dont have the time you obviously gave. This has been my argument since day 1... Why don't they pit clans such as yours against similar ones.  as for mine, we just play 1 mode so we cap that node to atleast be in 2nd or 3rd so we don't get dropped.

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                    the wrestler

                    Of course there is an advantage with PS3 clans.


                    They can make a second account for free, and then delete it after the weekend. XBL players cant' do this.


                    And it's more of an issue with smaller clans than large ones. It's relatively easy for a PS3 six person clan to get one lobby going, and get six friends on free accounts, and then simply roll up 2 minute games in modes like Cranked, TDM, KC and others. Your 'friends' just go like 0-35 or whatever. A six man clan can finish it's game's in 1/4th the time a non-cheating clan can do. And best of all, their 'friends' are using free, disposable accounts that can't be traced and discarded at the end of the weekend.


                    A good tip off is when the leading PS3 clan isn't focusing on games like Domination. Dom is a time based game. Even if you triple cap, the game is still going to last 6/7 minutes. So often times, you'll see these cheating PS3 clans focus on kill/death based modes.


                    PS3 = console for cheaters.


                    And beachhead does nothing about it.

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                        LoL its funny they seem to have a hard time holding the domination node and they took it last LOL. Honestly to me, PSN is such a weak network its been hacked big time not to long ago and now people boost with free accounts. I have an Xbox and my friend has a PS3 we compared the quality of the gameplay and its totally different, the guns sound different and the overall sounds just sound weird. On Xbox Live you pay for the quality and the security but for PSN which is a free based account system its just weak. Not trying to dis on PlayStation people but the network sucks all around, just the network not the console LOL.

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                        play the game type not the player

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                          I run an Extinction clan with around 20 members currently. Last war we were placed in a Bronze Div and a few of us captured 1 node, held it for a few hours and then lost it. We earned a total of 20 CP that whole war. With this current war we were placed in the Plat Div.... HOW DOES THAT WORK? We only placed 3rd last time around so we didn't even qualify for Silver Div.

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                            It does not match you by kdr but mainly by clan size. so either gain more members before the next clan wars so you wont get matched against them or just try and have more in your clan play more often.