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    Invicible walls everywere

      I been wondering why theres invicible walls everywere in ghosts? Theres hundreds of objects, barrels, trucks, were u could climb on but theres theese invicible walls to stop you? Bo2 and Ghosts has both same problem. In mw2 for example there wasnt many places u couldnt climb on or jump to but in theese 2 games is totally restricted????

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          Re: Invicible walls everywere

          First of all it is spelled 'invisible'.


          Yes, there are a lot of objects you cannot climb onto. From what i remember of older games, this has always been the case, but some of the spots in the maps on ghosts are stranger. I assume that they do this to avoid glitching and getting out of the map. It's disappointing that they don't let you climb everything you can reach, but you get used to it.

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