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    "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

      Is anone else getting tired of the constant camper accusations from defeated players post game, or even before game when they see your K/D?


      It seems to be the generic insult for players who can't accept they've been beaten fair and square. I know the answet is to mute, but why should I?


      I defeated a clan with some randoms on stonehaven, and scored 23-2, the clan were max level with red clan tag. Final kill was one of my team killing a guy lying on top of the burning house from where the vans are. In came the "oh look at this camper.....you cheating......." So I ask what the guy on the roof was doing!


      I know there is no answer but its just getting tiresome. That said I love the game and mute is my friend.

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          1. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

          To be honest, on the big maps (I personally hate camping fall stop) don't mind if people camp as you can get those longshot kills if need be, and to be chilled and relaxed (in some random form)
          Those dudes need to harden up, build you a bridge and forget about it. The whole camping thing is getting beyond a joke (accusations and so on) and they need to except its a way this game is played.


          Cheers Dis3ngageNZ

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            2. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

            II'D love to know the answer that was given by the guy getting slow cooked on the burning house! Sounds lime a hypocrite to me, funny all the same

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              3. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

              He said he wad a sniper so it was ok. The worst one was one of then hiding behind the hey bales waiting for us to spawn.


              I know people do camp but I don't see why people rage about it, its part of the game, it can be frustrating but you have to be smarter. What gets me is the camper insult when you clearly weren't camping, just destroying them........so many ego's!!

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                4. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

                It's certainly not cheating to camp, but it makes the game a lot less fun for others and requires far less skill than being mobile. If you don't like being called a camper, stop camping.


                I think of it like this: If everyone camped, nothing would happen and the game would not be fun. If you camp, you are playing a role in making the game bad. K/D is taken way to seriously and causes many players to camp, making the game less fun.

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                  5. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

                     Personally , I dont play the game to give others fun ..... I play to ruin their fun. But what I think is funny is when the rushers pretend to be concerned about everyone else and keep insisting those camping cant be having any fun.   Or they willl try to help out by explaining that you cant win by camping ...... just moments before they say the other team won only because they camped.


                     The game needs campers though.

                     For one, it brings order to the match. It forces those rushing to think instead of just running around like fools.


                       Most importantly though, who could rushers blame for their loss if noone camped? You cant run around with a bulldog, then complain that you got beat because the other team was doing nothing but running around with bulldogs.   Imagine the damage to your ego if you had to actually admit someone outplayed you.


                      A nice miuxture of campers, rushers and everything in between keeps all the fragile little egos happy. This guy beat me because he was running around shooting people in the back and panic knifing people in the doorways, and that guy won because he was holding still making it so I didnt notice him. ..... win or lose, everyone is happy just because they have an excuse to fall back on if they lose.



                     As far as the word camper goes ..... its become nothing but a generic expletive. I mean WTC!! .... I just stubbed my campin toe on the camping table leg. Camp it anyhow!!

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                    6. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

                    I played against a clan in sovereign tdm, they were winning 40-19 something like that. The randoms in my team left remaining me and another guy. The other guy was a camper. He sat at the a area. I  pushed with this guy all the way to 50 for them and 45 for us. One minute left. The clan went into camping mode to preserve the victory. They piled up below the c area and around. Proning on every angle for a cheap shot kill. I came in through the right side, b area. I picked em one by one ending the game at 51 for them and 53 for us two. The guy in my team camping did 6 kills and died 14 times. I made 32 kills and died 7 times.


                    Once we won, the clan called me a camper, f words, ahole, etc.


                    Bottomline is... no matter what u do... u will be called a camper, hacker, tryhard, whatever than being called a decent player. It makes it easy for players that lose to accept their loss. Mute or ignore... but don't expect anyone to really give u the credit for kickin their @ss. Esp. When u beat a clan alone.

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                      7. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

                      If i hear a player coming i will wait. After they are dead i hear the camper bit all the time. I guess it never occurs to them that all that happened was that you were better prepared and more aware of what was happening. Sitting in on single spot ads is boring. However i do aim around corners and almost always the person thinks you I was camping.

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                        8. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

                        I don't know, maybe I'm alone with this, but I have no problem saying "well played" at the end of a game, camper or rusher, you won the game so fair play. I don't understand why people have to be so rude. Lack of maturity I guess. The times I've said well played only to get &*%# off in return!

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                          9. Re: "You *&%##&& camper!!!"

                          Agreed, these guys who dont use dead silence don't seem to understand you can hear them a mile away. Just hang on and wait for them to cone round the corner........you're just playing smarter than them that's all.

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