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      Can someone help me make the best gun class for a higher K/D. My K/D is a 1.354 I want to get it higher

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          Unfortunately a gun class is not going to help you get a better K/D. With the different size maps and different styles of gameplay in each map there is no set gun class that is going to improve your K/D. To improve your K/D you are going to need to improve your game. This can be done many ways. You could slow down a little more being more cautious around corners and just try playing smarter. Predicting which ways enemies will go and how to out flank them. There is no easy way to just increase your K/D. Just practice being more precise on hitting your targets and improve your game sense. Hope that helps.

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            All it takes for a higher k/d is some common sense and skill combined....any weapon class can be efficient if used correctly....use the weapons how they're supposed to be used and on maps suited for them....use perks that help you identify what's happening around you....and most of all use a little brain power before sprinting out into the open field like a hero....

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                Or look for me in a lobby. Recently I have been so horrible I know I am helping some get their K/D up


                I like the suggestions above; good stuff.  For me I start out by trying to get all of the camo challenges completed with a gun.  That helps me have a better feel for the gun and what situation the gun is best used in.  After I complete those I create my classes for different game modes/maps and I start to see an improvement. Being cautious always helps.  For the record I would love to have your 1.34 K/D

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                No gun will make you a call of duty god as everyone has stated. My recommendation to raising your k/d is probably running with a silenced weapon and use perks to keep yourself off radar and use dead silence as most people rock headsets nowadays. Playing a little more conservative might help too.

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                  Curious, what's your current "best gun class"?

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                      If I'm of the "try hard" mentality I'll usually rock one of several productive AR's. AK-12 & FAD are probably my most used 2 but not nearly exclusively used at this point. Silencer & extended mags. No secondary weapon. No lethal. No tactical. Perks: Quickdraw, Dead Silence, Amplify, Sleight of Hand, Hardline. Assault streak: Dog, trinity, battle hind or maniac or gryphon.

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                          I would switch out hardline for focus and quickdraw for stalker. Focus will save you countless times in gun fights also has reduced sway when ADS. Stalker is great as ARs have fair ADS time and being able to strafe while aiming is helpful if you need to take out multiple players fast. Also great for turning the corner on someone. All the ARs are good, I would say Honey Badger is the most useful as it already has a built in silencer, add a grip and extended mags and you have a beast of a gun that can be used on any map.

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                        honestly there is no good class


                        it all depends on your style of play and what works best for  you


                        it will take some experimentation to get it just right but keep changing up perks guns and such and find out what works best for you and your style of play.  once you have that on lock your kd will rise dramatically.  also you style of play might need some tweeking to.  if you like to just run and gun and maybe slow your pace down a little bit. 


                        theres a million and one different things you can do to set up the perfect class just keep fiddling around and find what you like best

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                          My personal favorite class setup of all time in any CoD is:


                          MTAR-X - Muzzle Break + Grip (15,000 kills so far, 1.5 k/d with it)




                          Dead Silence

                          Steady Aim



                          Ready Up



                          Gryphon - Helo Pilot - Loki (Assault)


                          Ammo Box - Ballistic Vests - Air Superiority (Support)


                          Scavenger - Sleight of Hand - No Perk

                          ICU - Blast Shield - Quickdraw - Resilience (Specialist)


                          I ran the support streaks mostly because of all of the Assault Supports class users, Assault when in a party with friends and Specialist when going for K.E.M Strikes. Goodluck

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                            Best way to increase you K/D which has worked for me is to just slow down, don't just run into an unknown area of the map take it easy I suggest using Amplify on all classes my K/D was at 0.6 at one point now after slowing down and a month later my K/D is at 1.03 and is increasing everyday.

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                              Get a good headset, equip the amplify Perk, and sound whore. Sounds is really the key to this game.

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                                Play Infected your gonna get more kills less deaths most of the time