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    Pulling Plug = Host Probation

      Played a few Team Tac and ClanVClans last night where my team went up a few points, then the game disconnected because we "lost connection to host" and it didn't migrate since the hosts pulled the plug.  How about if that happens, that clan/party/person gets a host probation where they are not allowed to host matches for X amount of time?

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          He probably just dashboarded instead of pulled his plug. Much less of a hassle.


          Though i agree that if a host causes this they should be put on a probation of sorts, but for a lengthy amount of time. Something like 1 month first offense, 3 months next offense, and third offense would be forever. Would probably stop dashboarding a decent amount, because without certain software, it is very hard to tell that you are host. Especially in ghosts.

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              In theory, that would be great for the xbox 360 versions. But what about ps3 and ps4? Players have to rip out their ethernet cords, which is the same as my Internet getting knocked out. There really is no way to distinguish between internet disconnection due to crap ISP and players padding stats.


              Best option is what Titanfall does: just display your personal stats and don't make anyone else's stats available. Now kids won't be dashboarding to save their precious KD.

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                  Ah was thinking with the 360 in mind, my bad. Though pulling plug would be the same effect as dashboarding.


                  About the bad internet excuse. That's too bad. It just means they are not suited to host a game with a unreliable internet.


                  Stats and KD don't necessarily affect whether someone dashboards/pulls the plug. The problem lies with the fact that there is no punishment whatsoever for it. Punishment goes much further than just giving in, it's called growing a spine. Something game dev's seem to lacking nowadays.

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                     Or, Activision can just buck up, get with the times and use dedicated servers like most of their competition.

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                  Problem with that is you have many ps3 owners

                  ps3 has freeze problems with ghosts that cannot be overlooked

                  booted is an every day thing with ghosts on ps3

                  if it can be determined then fine but given they banned many decent players last week for ZERO REASON then told them all meh- when it came to thier stats set at zero is a great way 2 treat punters who are either goin back to blops2 or buyin new games,worst title theve made for mess ups & stuff that does not work & still- STILL ,no app