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    IED is my Preferred Weapon...

      Why does this draw so much attention/ridicule in the pre-game lobby?  All I ever hear is, "Omg, this guy's preferred weapon is the IED."  Wow, and yours is some gun that you use more often than not.  What many people fail to realize is that it takes a lot of effort to maintain the IED as a preferred weapon.


      Seeing that my preferred weapon is the IED should actually give my opponent a marked advantage when deciding which class(es) to run during the upcoming match.  What advantage am I gaining by knowing your favorite weapon is the AK-12, Remy, or Honey Badger?  Is there some class set up to inherently counter your preferred weapon?  Nothing in particular comes to mind.


      So, even when my opponents know ahead of time that IEDs will be in play, why do they still whine and cry when they die by them?  I've advertised it before the game.  A death is death.  If I get killed by your Honey Badger, I accredit that to you and your ability to get 3-4 bullets off that hit me.  Those bullets didn't just auto-fire from your gun.  You had to aim and fire. 


      Similarly, the IED did not just fall out of my pocket as I was running by.  I deliberately placed it where it was before you died due to map knowledge about high traffic areas, choke points, revenge spawns, etc.  It's definitely not luck, nor is it cheap.  It's a viable tactic that has more counters to it than any other weapon in the game. 


      Currently, I have 8K+ kills via IED and  my go to class is....


      Maverick with Silencer and Tracker Sight


      Extra Lethal, Danger Close, Incog, Gambler


      I'll never understand why people limit their class set ups based on some unwritten honor code.  IEDs are effective.  Use them wisely and benefit.

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          1. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

          All is fair in Love and War right?  I get it.  But in reality, the IEDs are arguably the most annoying thing the COD series has in it (it's on par with the mini-nuke - dead man's hand).  Admitting to this is like admitting to wearing your underwear multiple days without washing them.  Sure, it's something people do, but it's not something to be proud of - lol.  Good luck and have fun.

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            2. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

            It's because a lot of players play in the "old school" style which is to get kills and run around. The Bouncing Betty could be countered while on the move, the IED cannot. The IED is a vile, annoying thing made for campers to get a cheap kill and before you say I'm whinging, try dying one off a double KEM Strike to an IED that you can't run away from and not even Sitrep detected it.

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              3. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

              If your choice of setting off an IED next to a car and yelling out "AHLA ACKBAR!". That's your choice.


              COD has always been considered a "FIRST PERSON SHOOTER", it's not a "FIRST PERSON IED PLANTER" or "BEAR TRAP SETTER". They made the game with many gun choices and 1 choice of IED. Most if not all use their guns as their primary choice of weapon because well you should shoot in a FPS. Just imagine how boring it would be if everyone used IEDs as their primary would there be kills? Everyone would camp and wait.


              That being said. I don't care how you play but the way you play is considered camping and that is why people complain. Good for you you take pride in your IED kills but you need to understand too, people take pride in being able to kill on the run and string up their killstreaks.

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                4. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

                If your preferred weapon is an IED, then you suck at COD and probably play like a sissy. That is the simple truth. You can justify it anyway you want, but the fact remains that getting an IED kill requires no skill while using a gun does.

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                  5. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

                  as long as you are winning, let them whine and complain, if they cant beat you then its their problem

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                    6. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

                    IED is a legit weapon just like any other. I have them in many of my loadouts, even run n gun fast paced setups. It's good for an extra kill or two against people paying more attention to running rather what they are running into. It is no more annoying than getting killed by a honey badger, remington, knife, nade, shotgun, tard dog or camper.


                    I'm trying to figure out how the OP manages this as a preferred weapon stats wise. I know that it can be way behind but if we assume it is correct either this guy does have some skills and/or his kills per game must be low. The max he could have per spawn is 2. IED won't produce a kill each time it is set off and some cycles he could be killed before any go off.


                    If that is the way he wants to play and he is enjoying the game more power to him. I don't see any big numbers or stats being ran up this way tho.

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                      7. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

                      Some people play for fun. Not stats.


                      This game was WAY more fun before stats were public. I hope someday they go back to the way it was. This whole "I live to have a good kd so I can brag to my middle school friends" era has gotten out of hand.


                      Whether dude uses IED for fun or because he's not very good or whatever is NO ONES business. Unless they paid for his game.

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                        8. Re: IED is my Preferred Weapon...

                        Just wondering.... how much f u messages this guy has...


                        No problem if u ur an ied addict, camper or tactical player.


                        The guy is right about one thing. It's easily countered. U hear it ticking... run and jump. The end. No danger close, no sitrep. Better yet... kill the player and his ied goes poof.


                        I think this guy is probably the only guy with an ied as a preferred weapon.


                        What harm can he be anyways, camper with two ieds. Just sitting and waiting for someone to step on it. I doubt he affects the map in anyway other than piling 3-5 kills per match.

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