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    Die Rise, high level partner needed xbox 360. maybe 2 for 3 player

      Xbox 360: Hotcakes4you


      I love Die Rise and am really good at zombies but especially DR. I am looking for 1 or 2 for a coop or 3 player game.  I am not interested in a 4 player game, it takes forever and is annoying because of how long everyone takes. plus lag and someone is going to leave because of time.


      Okay, my plan is to get setup on the first couple of rounds to get the extra perk. and then sit in the PDW room because we essentially get unlimited ammo and the rounds go by so fast.  I would love to get the Sliquifier but its not a deal breaker. 


      I am trying to get very high rounds. NO FUCKIN GLITCHES!!  Glitching is the silliest thing in zombies.  MAYBE get in a glitch to go pee or something, but to sit in a glitch is a waste of my life, I do not understand what is cool about getting in a glitch if the zombies can't kill you, what is the point? 


      Okay I am trying a theory I have where if I get 4000 kills without going down I should get shotguns instantly.  So that is an indication of how far I want to go. 


      So if you are good, enjoy getting high rounds, and like to work together. Hit me up online.