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    The Maps are a major problem in COD

      Ever since mw3 the maps are too small and clustered creating problems with spawning.Now we get ghosts and the maps are bigger but still full of clutter and now there is too many path ways to cover and thus creating a slower game with lots of camping because of it.Instead of creating safe spawns on big maps they introduce revenge spawns with are a disaster.I think they have lost their way in designing maps. Thoughts?

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          Re: The Maps are a major problem in COD

          I play mostly Core TDM. The re-spawns aren't perfect but they don't bother me tooo much. I would take getting spawn killed randomly in a game over getting spawn trapped any day. This could be a major reason in why I haven't explored many other game modes. I'm content playing TDM.


          I really enjoy the change up Ghosts made with map design. I choose to use sniper or marksman rifles on more than half the maps. Its a breathe of fresh air after a frustrating game like BO2. Just my opinion.

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            Re: The Maps are a major problem in COD

            the problem is, you bought the wrong game. You need ...


            Call of Pacman: Chomping Ghosts



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