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    Reset my data please!

      Ok activision and infinity ward I've waited long enough for you guys to help me and I just can't take it anymore! You guys specifically told me you would reset my squad points since my account got hacked now I really just don't care at all! Now that I have gotten pissed about this game and you deciding not to help me I'm asking for you to just reset all of my data for ghosts. I will give you my permission to reset my data as long as I get to keep my season pass and all the characters and custom packs that I bought.


      here is the info your going to want \/

      GamerTag: GooeyPanda65

      System/Counsel: Xbox360



      now I'm asking you nicely even though I'm very mad for either Activision  or Infinity Ward to step up and help me please just do what i ask from you I can't play the game anymore since I cannot buy anything.

      If you guys decide not to help me once again but this time I made it easier for you I will take action myself and just reset my squad points since that is what the issue mainly is.



      Also CoD community if you want me to get help please rate this 5 stars so either Activision or InfinityWard can see it.




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