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    Banned for no reason?

      I was playing Black Ops with my xbl account (Randomii666). I was doing pretty well (got dogs in 2 matches). Then suddenly i got a friend reguest. I tried to look at his profile and my xbox froze for some time, after it started working again it signed me out and couldnt connect again. After shutting my xbox down and waiting for some time, i got back in xbl. I tried playing Black Ops multiplayer but got the servers are down message. After searching the internet i found out that i am perm. banned (Connectivity information: A.B.-.-.-.-.-.-.H.-.-.). I have read the rules and played completely legitly and by the rules, and i am against all sorts of cheating and glitching. Maybe people have been giving me false reports for "being too good". I hope this problem gets solved and i get back online -Randomii666

      Edit: i also seem to be banned from Black Ops 2


      Edit: All working now