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    What tactical do you use?

           We play mostly hardcore modes, so selecting a tactical is easy most of the time.  When we play core modes during clan wars however, I have no clue what to use as my tactical. 


           In the past, a flash bang was a good choice.  It hit a big area so you got a lot of assists.  Throw recon on it and you get more assists.  The flash bang in Ghosts is very substandard to previous games.


           EMP grenade paired with sitrep was always a solid choice as well.  Being able to see equipment and break it was good stuff that helped your team out, even if they didn't know it.  There is no emp nade in Ghosts.  The nine bang requires you to stand there for 5 seconds to charge it.  5 seconds in an eternity in ghosts.


           Playing Domination, I generally run smoke and incog and try to cap flags, but playing modes like TDM and KC, this set up is less useful.  What tacticals do you guys use in core modes?