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      This was our last platinum div, clan war, and our next clan war will be in diamond, i will opt us in, we hav body count unlocked and we r going for war cry!

      1.70 KD AVG

      Lvl 15 but after this clan war we will be around level 18

      Positive W/L

      First in all of our clan wars

      Body count camo and head unlocked

      Clan unlocks, patches, backrounds

      Going into diamond division soon

      We are very active

      40+ members and growing fast!

      Apply to xAmbitions or add me on xbox my GT is XPersianMedicX

      Must have a positive KD to join and a good W/L, ill get back to applications ASAP

      I am active with a 1.50 KD and growing and a 2.50 W/L, feel free to send me a message, i will respond ASAP

      You must be an active player and play most days, we want this clan to stay active, we want you to play with the clan, we do not like it when clan members play alone (as long as they want to)