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    Is this game lagging lately?

      After the last patch this game is lagging too much for me, I literally can't do a good score.

      When this game was released it was terrible, but then got better and now it's unplayable.  Every gunfight I clearly shoot first, but I always die.



      I don't know what is hapenning to me lately, my connection is ok, but it's getting really ridiculous to play this game.



      It's just me ?

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          Re: Is this game lagging lately?

          I'm having serious lag since yesterday (The 22nd of March, 2014). Makes Multiplayer completely unplayable. First i was getting constant crashing of the digital upload, now i'm just getting ridiculous lag and jumping all around the screen. Sometimes rubber banding back and fourth.


          I know my connection is good. I'm able to stream HD content from say... netflix no problem. Having serious lag on both PS3 and PS4 (Nat type 2 on both consoles and Open Nat within game on both consoles). Speeds i'm getting are around 23MBPS Down and 5MBPS up so i know my connection isn't horrible. Up until last night was getting a minimal amount of lag from both console versions of the game. I hope this gets resolved soon. Sorta takes away the fun of playing multiplayer. 

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            Re: Is this game lagging lately?

                 Core modes feel like hardcore.  Except when I'm shooting.

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              Re: Is this game lagging lately?

              PSN is laggy.  It's been that way for a few days.  If you're in a clan you've probably noticed the 5 to 10 minute delay on invites and messages that started back on Wednesday.  That part seemed to clear over the weekend thankfully.  But a whole lot of matches were laggy as crap over the weekend.  I remember one match where I literally was noobtubing guys in the head with DC and still couldn't kill them.  I'm pretty sure they were from halfway across the globe and I can't for the life of me figure out how they ended up in my lobby but something is really screwy with PSN.

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