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    Help with opting into diamond division

      Hello, Can someone walk me through the exact process on how to opt-in for diamond division.

      I don't know Where the opt in button is, my clan has won over 2 platinum divisions, but I don't know how to opt in.

      I have not seen anything that tells me how many platinum I have won. nor does it tell me that I need to win 1 or 2 more, I literally can not find anything on clan wars.

      I do not have the app nor do i have access to it, so that's out of the question, i did not receive an invite either.  

      I want to opt in as platinum division is too easy, no clans have ever presented us with a challenge in collecting or holding nodes, i would like to be able to play diamond so i can unlock new gear, and compete against people who will put up a challenge.

      If you could walk me through exactly how to do it i would be grateful.

      also i have been to www.callofduty.com/ghosts/features/clans/diamond there is a little orange button on the description of clan wars that says opt-in it is clickable, i click it and a box appears and says read rules of diamond division, when i click this it just brings me further down the page, there is no other information on this page, beside the log in to check status button, and when i do log in it just brings me back to the ghost homepage.

      Some help would be kindly appreciated. 

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          Re: Help with opting into diamond division

          IIf you don't have the app or access to it then your not going to be able to opt in or reciew what place you took in past clan wars. The link that you are talking about hasn't worked for a few weeks now I keep checking it . Beachhead said they were aware that the link hasn't worked and they are "working on it" but like I said I keep checking it because if it .

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            Re: Help with opting into diamond division

            that's a great question. thank you. i use the app on my old phone because my new windows phone is not compatible. grrrrrr. i was just made commander of a clan that had played in diamond division for one war. i receive a message via the app that said have your clan leader opt in (i didn't see it the last war) and it made me worry. i see everything that say opt in, go to this page, etc. but nothing allows me to do it. now i just need to find out if my time zone stays the same as before.

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