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    For Activision, IW,BH, COD

      Here is a way to eliminate cheating. There is a program called Nprotect that detects any use of hacking, exploiting ect. ect. .. If one tries to log into a multiplayer server or lobby and lets say they exploit or using a hack code this program immediately see's it and BAM they banned. You guys should do something before your pocket books start taking a bigger hit. This will also eliminate going through reports after reports filed by people when you can instantly get the info why they got banned from the program!


      I do not in my clan promote cheating of any kind and if caught they reported and kicked from clan, as of 3 days ago 2 members got banned from my clan and I did not know as I am in the USA and they was from UK. 2 different countries and its very imberrassing it happened while I was sleeping, but more so in my clan and I got my eyes open wide now to protect my clan and people in it including myself. I have rules posted on my clan site and I make sure they follow them, well I tried to but I can't do anything when I am sleeping. The point I am making is there needs to be put in place a program to detect this on servers to eliminate this crap. I am one for it and it works, once someone is banned it provides detailed info of that person and what they did to get banned and there is no questioned asked as you got detailed info.


      I am asking those companies to seriously put something like this in play and make it more of a level playing field for all and keep your LOYAL customer base as I have been seeing those vanish do to this serious problem.


      Just a Idea to consider when your not in the office to catch them and saves a lot of time wasted going through thousands of filed complaints. MHO