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      I am Brandon/Rave Devotion i am looking for a clan, i am a respectful player and am tired of joining clans where people argue or are unorganized. I am a run and gunner, i can trickshot, quickscope, and GFX design. i am new to the whole GFX Designing but i can try to do my best to make logos, and signatures. I am not the best player on ghosts but i can be if i need to.


      BLACK OPS K/D: 1.03

      BLACK OPS 2 K/D 1.10

      GHOSTS K/D: .74

      MW2 K/D: .99

      MW3 K/D: .87


      I am known to get my k/d ratios up fast i have gotten my k/d on black ops to a .75 to a 1.03 in a months time period depending on the game. So if you need players recruit me today!!! Willing to CHANGE GT IF REQUIRED.


      -Rave Devotion