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    Fix Please!

      It is totally ridiculous how hard it is to get 6 people to join on each other, try the BO2 system.  The respawns are stupid. spawn with 3 enemies standing next to you.  Games plays great for 5 games, guns shoot like they are suppose to, then game lags to hell, guns stutter and can't kill a person for nothing..Lag is so bad I shoot a enemy point blank in the chest multiple times, I get stabbed, and the killcam shows me never shooting.

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          I total agree with you about the spawning system on this game.  Its as bad if not worse than every other game in this series.


          On the other hand i havent been disconnected from hardly any games.  In fact ive only been disconnected from 2 games in over 980 games so far.  So at least its heading in the right direction


          In terms of Lag........Ive switched from having a wireless connection and plugged the PS3 in by ethernet and it 'seems' to have cured the problem i would say at least 80% of the time.  Although there are still games that you can see that there is massive difference from what the killcam and what you saw on screen.


          When i got the game at christmas the lag was horrific and i was pretty much on the verge of trading it in (Both Wired and Wireless).  But for myself lag seems to, for most parts, been cured by plugging the PS3 into the router by ethernet

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              NOt sure If it will be any help to you guys but I read a post in here yesterday about this problem....but it gives a solution to it.....search LAN SETTINGS (I think it was called) and it may give you some useful info

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                  Its not my connection, but thanks for the reply.  If anything my connection is too good. I'm on fiber 40/10, ping around 10ms.  Just saying the game is very erratic.  Maybe I should ping multiple sites on my computer to lag my connection so I can get lag compensated.

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                Agree 100%

                The spawn system combined with the lag is the biggest problem with this game in my humble opinion.

                I don't know how a BIG studio like Infinity Ward doesn't learned with their mistakes. Since MW3 we're complaining about the same probs... I just don't know why 3arch can copy things from IF games, while them refuse to copy things from 3arch games just for improvements.

                That's so sad.

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                  If you are having trouble partying up then it is the host who has the problem.  Some with moderate have trouble connecting to certain people also.