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    Clan point problem

      in this clan war 1 old member of the clan when we win the points of the player doesn't count !! It's not a new member!! The last clan wars points of this player count normally !! What I must do now for the next clan war this player points count again? I must kick him and invite again to clan?

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          Did you add any new members to the clan after roster lock?   If your roster lock was at 10 and you added 1 person only the first ten to score a win would have their scores count thoughout the clan war regardless if they were new or not. if the new person scored along with 9 others before the clan leader then the clan leaders score wouldn't count, it doesn't look at names just numbers when the lock takes place.

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              We are 4 member clan from the beginning!! I told he is and old member !! last 3 clan wars we win the points count !! In this clan war something magic happened ??? The gamertag is Danielitsa and she don't receive the last reward of body count reaper!! Can you answer me plz to that !!! I must kick her and invite again ?? That's all !!