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    PS3 online rank not saving



      This weekend i've encounterd some problems with my online rank. This weekend i have played alot of games with my clan in the clanwars but all my online progress has not been saved. I am busy with the final character and i am level 36. So i need a few more levels before reaching master prestige. But my progress is not saving. I shut down my ps3 system friday night with an online rank of 47. Saturday i came back to compete in the clanwars and i was de-ranked to 36... Same thing that night. Played in the clanwars, reached 47 or 48 at the end of the night, backed out of multiplayer and shut down my ps3 system. Yesterday, in the final 4 hours of the clanwar i reached level 48, again backed out of multiplayer and went to the main menu, then i shut down Ghosts and after that my PS3 system. Now i'm level 36 again!


      Can you guys from support see whats wrong and more importantly, can you guys fix it?