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    COD App Improvements

      So, they made some much needed improvements to the COD App over the weekend.  Here's a few things I noticed:


      1. Manage Clan button is clearly marked "Manage Clan" with the helmet and gear icon.
      2. Manage Clan button was moved from top heading to it's own button area right below it. (only in non-tablet view)
      3. Leave Clan button is clearly marked "Leave"
      4. On the clan page it only shows 10 members and you have to click on "Roster" to view the full roster
      5. When managing your roster it now shows "xbl" or "psn" (and probably something for steam) below each person's gamertag so you know what system they are on.
      6. Tablet - Viewing in a tablet forces horizontal view
      7. Tablet - Views are optimized for tablets (2 columns instead of 1)
      8. Tablet - Roster view is in 3 columns (some issues on my 7" tablet with the K/D ratio not displaying properly as the text wraps and the actual K/D ratio is cut off)
      9. Tablet - "Manage" button in the Edit Roster screen now has the label "Manage" on it...which still toggles the "Change Role" and "Kick" options.
      10. Tablet - Clan Wars now shows the whole map on one screen (no scrolling around the map)
      11. Tablet - Overall score is shown in a popup in the bottom left now
      12. Tablet - Zooming in to a node shows the full details on one screen with a close icon at the top (previously you used the back button to go back).


      My biggest complaint is that Android Tablets are still not officially compatible even though the app works in them. Either way, I really like the tablet view as it looks really nice as it now utilizes the space that is available.


      Note - The tablet changes were all viewed on a Nexus 7 device (not officially compatible)


      Feel free to post below if you encountered or noticed any other changes.