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    looking for a clan

      Currently seeking a clan that is highly competive. My kid is 1.89 and I play all game modes. Leadership role is my main goal in any clan that's recruit me. I play to win whether its fun or not. Active daily and at night. Leave a message including gt if interested

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          SierraTangoLima (STL) are always recruiting and everyone is welcome.. If you're interested, just hit me up, Jodes18 and we'll shoot you an invite (:

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            Currently diamond with 19 members, an all positive k/d clan. won the clan war by over 550cp lead with near to 800cp. Me and others in my clan played over 200 games this week just for the fact it was clan wars. If you are interested in joining send a message to oShiftyy14

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              You didn't say what system. We are primarily xbox360, but are recruiting for ps4 also.


              Our clan is small and we will keep it that way, slowly growing with ACTIVE players.  We enjoy winning! We play every night for 3-6 hours (except during clan wars,  we play much more then), but usually that is starting around midnight est. We are level 12, have won 2 clan wars (new clan and have only competed in 2) and will continue to win. We all have mics, we get along great, have fun,  and play with other clans very often to get parties of 6 going.


              During clan wars we play whatever we need to in order to win, but when not in a war we mostly play the onslaught hard core rotation (hctdm, hckc, hcdom, and hcs&r).

              Kd doesn't matter to us, winning does. We have started talking about doing some MLG competitions, but right now our major mode of competition is clan wars, and we have been dominating in that area.


              If your interested and this sounds like it would work for you send me a message on here and I'll send you an invite.

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                SE7EN SINZ.....we started out on Black ops...got huge in Black ops 2.....then along came Ghosts and everyone was disbanded. I was one of three founding members "sparky9201" nice to meet you. We grew to 100 and from the very beginning the whole point in our clan was to have fun and do our best to win! NO pressure or cheating....KDR means nothing to us. I have just recently Revived 7SNZ and we only have 7 members as of now. We are already level 14 Gold and very close to 15. We need members who just want to have a good time and hopefully play at least average..(I am definitely not above average) If we sound like a fit just send me a request on the app on your phone @ SE7EN SINZ.....you will be accepted! Have a great day! Happy Hunting!!

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                  if your on xb1 shoot me a msg oReFiexs well talk there.

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                    Do u play on xbox one?

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                      legacychancers will be happy to take you in guy id you need it were lv 17

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                        Hey man don't listen to any of these other clans. Homicidal Gaming has 200 active members on both 360 and X1. We have three clans for clan wars our first is in diamond and we have won all three of our diamond wars. We were ranked 14 in the world but are awaiting the update to see where we stand from our last win. Our second division is in platinum and third division is in gold. We are a very organized adult community. With competitions weekly some with cash prizes. Just had a 2v2 for $100 to the winning team and a March madness with some controllers and gamestop gift cards along with a gift card for scuff controllers. Most of our players are from the US with a couple from GB and Germany.  If you are interested send me a message via X1 GT, HG WASABI and ill get some games in with you.



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                          NVZN Greatness is a PS3 clan at max level 25, soon to have RED clan tag. Close to 20 members from across USA & Canada (actively seeking more from West Coast time zone in ADDITION to some SOLID FEMALE gamers at my WIFE's request, she's one of our leaders!). We're not looking to be a large clan. Each member is a strong quality teammate!


                          • Won 3 Diamond Division Clan Wars (last Diamond war we won 696-126, see link below).
                          • https://twitter.com/jmiller2540404/status/447969478740307968/photo/1
                          • Tied for 27th in the WORLD Diamond Division Leader-board as of 2nd Diamond Wars, awaiting 3rd victory update.
                          • 4 Platinum Division Clan Wars.
                          • We win nearly every game (Clan win % +70%).
                          • We're friends, gamer's & people who care about one another.

                          ***OUR DIAMOND CLAN WARS are always FRIDAY-SUNDAY 7:00-11:00pm Eastern Time.*** NVZN clan requires the following...

                          • ACTIVE player who plays daily for a few hours each day AT MINIMUM.
                          • MUST COMMIT to be active during Clan Wars 48 hours prior to start (otherwise will be temporarily REMOVED from clan roster for duration of the Clan War).
                          • MUST HAVE HEADSET/MIC. You're not a serious player if you don't have this.
                          • MUST have each DLC and/or Season Pass.
                          • We have a Facebook clan page. We encourage clan members to join it for news & updates.
                          • Communicate w/ clan. Once a member joins we provide each others phone contact for texting to coordinate w/ one another when each other might be online(very beneficial during Clan Wars as well).
                          • Solid player in both KD, Objective play style (when needed) & diverse gamer who enjoys most/all game modes!
                          • WE PREFER players be from USA or Canada (for sake of time zones) but in some cases MAY consider other countries.
                          • Seeking 16 years old at minimum. We have fun but we're a mature gaming group.
                          • Be respectful of one another & their play style, we're a diverse group of ethnicity, gender & personalities!


                          If interested & you QUALIFY for ALL or MOST criteria message me on this thread OR...


                          Message & Friend @ PSN ID: Anon_O_P_S

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                            we need you we play clan wars lvl 25 max ImmortalReaperz we need good players and players that will play and not join a clan that just join's a clan and never helps in clan wars we like to have fun as well..if you want to join hit me up ukwildcats1988 all of our members are in the usa we are on the psn  ps3/ps4

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                                Hey looking for a diamond clan to join! If I'm not at work I'm playing.. Kd is. Currently 2.6 got 12 days playing time.. I've got ps3 and ps4..I'm using turtle beach px4s so have a mic I'm from the UK lookin to join serious clan. Cheers

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                                  Looking for people to join our clan Shaven Privates.



                                  Clan seeking new members and to gain experience.

                                  Friendly and chatty members.

                                  Looking for members to help with clan wars.

                                  Anyone welcome to join regardless of K/D ratio, Country or Language.

                                  Play for fun mainly but get serious when needed to.

                                  We play everyday for a couple of hours minimum.


                                  IF INTERESTED MESSAGE ME ON XBOX LIVE! LukeyG89 at anytime

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                                    Our clan, DivideAndConqu3r, is a multi-platform clan looking for active players for clan wars (diamond division). Look us up on the COD app or check our website http://divide-conquer.weebly.com/. If you think we would be the right fit for you. Message me on psn, quicksilver_07, and apply (will accept same day). If not, I wish you luck in your search.