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    [360] Pubstomp Clan

      As the title states, I am looking to build a pubstomp clan. To give you some background on my CoD stats, I currently have a 2.38 K/D with a 4.2 W/l mostly playing solo and am 10th prestige, but will be making a new account for this clan!

      Things I am looking for:

      • a 2.5+ K/D
      • a 2.5+ W/L or a decent explanation stating why you don't have one.
      • an understanding that winning comes before everything else.
      • if you want to make a new account, feel free, however i would like the know the stats of your old one.
      • play often.
      • be personable, i am not looking for asshats.

      If these things interest you, please, feel free to message me or post here for me details about it!

      New GT: OMGsoCREATIVE (clan gt)

      Old GT: yum its Kevin