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    Max Level, Diamond Division. GODZ Clan, Xbox One (see details)

                                     GODZ CLAN

      Here is some info on our clan:

      Name: GODZ

      Members: 16 and growing

      Clan Level: Will be max as soon as this clan war gives us our bonus.

      Rewards: Kiss of Death gun camo and all 4 backrounds.

      Clan Wars won: Only 2, but we are determined to win the next ones.

      Current Clan Win Streak: Some of our players have reached up to over 100 wins without losing.

      Clan Tag: GODZ





      Age: 16 or Mature

      Mic: Optional, most of us use ours. (Kinect doesn't bother us)

      K/D: at least 1.0 Most of our guys have a 2.0

      W/L: At least 1.0 as we are going to be playing to win, not for kills.

      Mostly, you should be around the same skill level as us. Our K.D's range from

      1.5 - 3.0 our W.L's range from 1.0 - 17.0


      Message me on XBL, my gamertag is INVERTOX