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    Problems in Clan Section of COD App

      I am the commander in my clan and whenever I go to the cod app though it doesn't show me as being in a clan, we just dominated the last clan war so i really don't want to transfer membership and leave the clan through the in game options because I am afraid that I won't get the rewards that came with the win since the war just got over today does anybody have some advice for me.  I have xbox 360 and whenever I go to find clans in the cod app it says sorry this page failed to load.


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          Re: Problems in Clan Section of COD App

          I recently have the same problem as yours. However, I am not the clan leader. Someone told me that the reason why it doesn't show me in the clan anymore was I linked my gamertag to another COD account at callofduty.com website. Indeed, it was true because I created another COD account and linked my gamertag there. So, I linked back my gamertag to my original COD account which I used when I first joined the clan. Then, I deleted and redownloaded my COD app. It worked. I can now access my COD app and I am back in my clan with my clan rewards. You can try what I did. I hope it would also work for you since I shared this to my clan mates and it worked to them.

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