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    Above and Beyond #2 - FalconR6

      Full Article: Above and Beyond #2 - FalconR6

      Welcome to the second Above and Beyond Support Spotlight from Activision Rewards!


      Above and Beyond showcases Community members who are incredibly helpful in the Activision Support Forums, have earned a ton of Points and Badges, climbed the top of the Rewards Leaderboards, and more!


      Above and Beyond Support Spotlight’s are chosen by the Activision Rewards team and are given an awesome Rewards Care Package from us including a custom Activision Rewards Badge (pictured above), Rewards Points, and more. Want to be the next Support Spotlight? Email us why you should be next: activisionrewards@activision.com.


      This week, we’re talking to a familiar face from the Forums, FalconR6.  Most of you probably recognize him from his awesome help in the Support section. Learn more about FalconR6 below and find out what makes him such a valued member of the Community!




      Activision Rewards: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Call of Duty?


      FalconR6: I love sports, music that rocks, gaming… hang on, this isn’t a dating website!


      My first Xbox Gamertag was mikedownunder (how very creative of me). Playing games such as Tiger Woods Golf the Gamertag fit the purpose. However, Call of Duty requires a hint of steel, so my Gamertag changed into something resembling my forum name. My forum ID is the namesake of the Ford FG Falcon R6 utility which is my pride and joy. Contrary to non-popular belief, the FalconR6 is not a fake El Camino. I am currently speaking to my lawyers to ascertain if I can bring an defamation lawsuit against @dtuchpunk (kidding!)


      I can clearly remember a Christmas morning as a kid sitting in the lounge room, waiting in baited breath as a parcel was handed over to myself and big sis. My head was bandaged up due to a clumsy incident involving a low lying stick on a tree, my ear, and my haste to retrieve a stray ball. But the stitches vanished from thought as a Nintendo NES was unwrapped. Kid Icarus, Tennis, and the piece de la resistance, Zelda, awaited play.


      Fast forward through some years of intermittent gameplay as scholastics got in the way. Reintroduced myself via GameCube with Resident Evil (if you ever come across my little bro ask him whether or not he has got over the nightmares resulting from watching me play.) Dogs breaking through a window, classic!!  Credit where due, it was little bro who I watched play Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare. I had to get in on the action. A total noob in multiplayer, but regardless, I enjoyed that title immensely because of the campaign.



      AR: You’ve been around the forums for a while! How long have you been a part of the CoD community?


      FR6: I still consider myself a bit of a greenhorn to be honest. You only have to step inside of the OT (Off Topic) to realize the rich history of CodHQ. I should take the opportunity to say that all forum members are welcome in the OT. Be sure to pack a couple of funny bones, and please leave your serious hat in the cloakroom. Please be aware that snakedoctor’s GraS is over powered and sacred ground.


      AR: You’re very knowledgeable about Call of Duty. How would you recommend a newcomer build up that expert amount of knowledge?


      FR6: Never believe that you are an expert is a good start. This forum has a wealth of information and it is best to have an open mind to various opinions. The most valuable suggestion I can give is: If you write a post be mindful of its tone. In the vast majority of cases, by reading an OP you can be pretty accurate in knowing how the community have and will respond. We all have differing thoughts about certain aspects of CoD and how it’s played. If you “tell” folks this is crap, it must go, don’t do that, do this, the responses become black and white flame wars. Instead, state your opinions, but ask the community what their thoughts are. An open minded OP leads to the best discussions.


      A motto of mine has always been “it would be a boring world if we all thought the same”. It’s a wise move to understand that when it comes to gaming there are few facts. Strategy and tactics that work for one person might be a complete balls-up for another. Opinions on game mechanics are just that, opinions. Don’t get me wrong, put your best foot forward when it comes to your own thoughts and beliefs, just respect different perspectives.



      AR: Since the Activision Rewards program started, you've consistently been at the top of the Leaderboards having earned more than 40,000 Points. How do you do it?


      FR6: Hanging out in the OT has helped garner some cheeky Points. But, the majority of my Points have come from the Support section. So I guess the advice I can give is how to answer Support questions.


      Treat the OP as a customer and do not assume any knowledge other than what is provided. More often than not, a single sentence reply is not going to cut the mustard. If the OP requires a solution it’s more than likely they do not know how to implement the solution. So, take your time, be patient, and be prepared to have a dialogue with the OP. Also be mindful that you don’t know who is sitting behind the keyboard; it could be a youngster, a complete noob, a mother, or indeed an experienced gamer. They should all be treated with the same respect.


      I understand that new Missions will come on deck in the future to reward general Forum activity. This will be fantastic, as not everyone’s strengths are Support related. Many wise heads contribute to gameplay discussion within this Forum, I look forward to seeing them climb the rankings, as long as they don’t catch me!


      AR: Out of the Rewards Badges you’ve earned, which is your favorite?

      FR6: Connoisseur. It makes me feel like I’m a movie critic. I recall a few days back reading a post that was utter bollocks. However, it made me laugh, I had no other choice but to give it 5 stars. The Kudos badge is pretty sweet to hold due to its rarity.



      AR: In addition to your NAT Guide, what other guides, walkthroughs or FAQs have you written?


      FR6: Well I haven’t really written another guide per-se. However, I am proud to say I OPeed a thread “A Noob to Hardcore Seeking Advice”. I asked for the BO2 Forum’s help and the results were brilliant. The advice given centered around Hardcore, but also gave useful tips for general play. I still have this bookmarked and check in on it every now and again.




      AR: Your NAT Guide has helped a lot of people confused about their settings find resolution. Why did you pick this topic?


      FR6: To be honest I was becoming frustrated in searching for port numbers every time somebody needed help. So, I gathered all relevant ports for various platforms and put them together. Yet the ports in isolation can be meaningless if you do not understand what is going on. Hence I decided to put together a guide that was as noob friendly as possible. Nothing wrong with being a noob, we have all been one at some point.


      I can remember having to dabble with router and console settings for the first time. It can be rather daunting. My goal with the article was to give understanding to whoever read it. Once you have a conceptual idea of ‘what’s going on’ it becomes much less scary. Alas, I have had feedback in support threads stating that it might of well have been written in Chinese, lols. In those cases a patient hat is required.


      Many folk just do not understand the importance of proper setup. Moreover, they feel that a game should just work. As much as we would all love that to be the case, it’s just not reality. Some others get very shirty with the whole concept of setup due to them paying a pretty penny for excellent internet. The simple fact is a stable and properly setup router/console is far more valuable when it comes to gaming compared to having loads of bandwidth. I must point out that being ignorant of such things is nothing against peeps.


      Sharing information is what the forum is all about. Whilst writing ‘Achieving Open NAT’ I messaged maccabi asking whether he mind me linking his Elagaphant report. The response “tsk tsk, that’s what it’s there for”. Never underestimate the generosity CodHQ can provide.



      AR: What drives you to be so helpful in the Support Forums?


      FR6: I like to roll around in my Forum Rewards Points and throw them up in the air! In truth, helping out in Support is a relative strength of mine. I’m never going to be a player who’s up there with the best, my Zelda born reflexes just won’t allow it. That’s OK by me, gaming is about enjoying oneself. It isn’t much fun for someone if they are having a hard time getting a game to work properly, and I have empathy for that.


      A few months back a Forum member was having terrible trouble connecting online. He had multiple consoles within his house and just could not get them to work. So, I took him through some troubleshooting, and eventually a solution was found. The final response from him went along the lines of “I hope you and your family have the best Christmas ever”. That was very rewarding indeed.