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    I shot first and died???

      Somethings really wrong with iw servers.Today it was impossible to kill enemys!!! I shot first and died in every 11 games i played and in killcam i wasnt shooting at all???. I usually have 25-35 kills and under 10 deaths in every game but today 7-9 kills and 15-25 deaths.

      I have 100mb optic fiber connection and tested connection speed 8 times in 1 hour and i played ghosts same time and lowest i got was 64.9mb



      I heard someone was talking about that ghosts has been programmed so if you are good and are mvp player  many days so the program make you be really bad some days. If this is true i never play ghosts again

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          I doubt the latter of what you said is true, at all. That is just absurd to consider. However, you may have been experiencing lag. I had the same problem until this past weekend, when I changed my network setup. I had been playing over a wi-fi  home network and have since been alternating between wirng directly from the modem or directly from the router. Even from the router, it made a huge difference.

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            Yes this is normal

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              Shooting first doesn't guarantee anything.....being accurate is key. Only kidding. Sounds like connection problems to me. I can only speak from experience and Ghosts has been good to me as far as feeling content with the outcome of gunfights.

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                Shooting first does not = Shooting Better.


                I played today too, and my shots were pretty much on the mark.

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                  Okay, let me handle this in order:


                  1. It doesn't matter if you're paying for 1 Gbps (and if you are you're living in Japan), Up Load and Download mean nothing but the bandwidth possibility. It's all about how stable that connection is. What you're describing is what's called Client Lag. That's what happens when your ping dips below the hosts and all sorts of odd, subtle things happen. Shooting first on your screen, but dying, then in the kill-cam you see that you never shot. That means at the point when you pulled the trigger, your client (game/console) lost stable connection to the in-game host... your synchronization dropped. Be that as it may, the client does not stop working, it just stops registering updated information. So basically it continues to allow you to do things while your ping is restored and your stable connection to the host reestablishes, then things on your end correct themselves and you find our that you never shot, and in some cases people will tell you that you were just standing there not doing a thing. I've had games where I was shooting someone that my buds call an "AFK'er", someone that just stands and does nothing, yet each time I killed them I heard them cry and complain and rage. When we got back to the lobby, I informed them that on my end they were just standing there, or walking in place, or staring at the ground... and others on both teams will confirm this generally. What happened was his ping/stability to the host dropped way low, and in that case for a long period of time, before his connection was able to pick itself back up. On his end he was running around, though he barely saw anyone, and anytime he did they killed him. The game on his console was allowing him to run around the map, but it wasn't updating information which is why he wasn't seeing anyone for most of the game until one of us murdered him lol


                  2. That whole last part is a complete fabrication, and a poor one lol not blaming you for that, but damn... some people make up the most ridiculous sounding crap without knowing anything about the systems and how they work.

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                    Stop paying attention to the killcam. Its an entertainment tool and not a forensics tool. It never was meant to be accurate.


                    According to what I remember a dev saying is that the killcam is a 20 FPS clip without lag compensation included.