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    For what are we playing?

      When this game come out i thought it was fun to play when u could get almost every gun,perk,everything in very beginning of this game by earning points and i was playing squads were u dont level fast up but get easy points. So i unlocked everything in early stage in the game and now im wondering why to prestige or level up when everything is unlocked.

      It was much more fun and interesting in earlier cods were you had to level up on every prestige to get good guns and perks and it was revarding. Now no hurry to level up bcoz nothing to play for.


      Does anybody else have same thoughts?

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          Re: For what are we playing?

          agree with you mate. Levelling up was the point for perks/weapons. and then that moment at the top level debating with yourself if you should press the button to prestige and do it all over again starting off with no perks and weapons again, but we all did as it was a challenge, and the first few levels were full of regret at the loss of that perk/weapon that you prob wont see again for a few days.

          to me the game now is something i will put on and have a couple of games then leave it for a few days/weeks.

          before i was on constantly trying to reach the top.

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            Re: For what are we playing?

            Basically IW have given little thought to this game, nor the customer base of players that will be making their millions.


            Just churn out another COD cashcow for this year.


            All the issues with this game (spawns, hacks etc) must have been present during the testing phase so it appears they just chose to ignore it in order to rush the product to market.


            Have to say I have seen more copies of Ghosts than any other COD game in the pre-owned section in the shops, so it looks like the customers are talking with their feet on this one.


            I predict a big slump in comparable sales for the next instalment.

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              Re: For what are we playing?

              Sure it's fun to unlock this or that but I personally didn't buy the game for that reason. I bought it for the combat. I enjoy getting all the extras by either unlocking them or gaining points to get them but that doesn't determine if I will continue to play this or any other COD game. Then again I'm easily amused.

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