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    New ideas for the next Call of Duty

      I have had some ideas that could be nice to have included in the next Call of Duty game. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment them down below.


      I. "Kick". A new melee action that requires your gun's crosshairs to be placed on a enemy soldier or Dynamic Object e.g. Wooden Crate, Barrel. Or a stealth kill melee when approaching an enemy from behind.


      2. Opening or breaching doors (within multiplayer). If there is a door and it's closed, you could HOLD the "Action" button to open the door silently, or press "Melee" to kick down the door (if Kick is included).


      3. Mounting weapons/re-introducing Bi-pod attachment. Replace the Ballistics CPU (although I like it) with the Bi-pod attachment forcing snipers to be stationary to have a more accurate/reduced sway shot.


      4. Inventory Items. Possibly bring back the NVG (Night-vision Goggles) along with darker, night-time, maps. Also Breach Charges could also bring some new gameplay, or not, but include it and see how the community uses it.


      5. Reviving/Medic. For an inventory item or piece of equipment have a Medic Kit for the more supportive player.


      6. C4 cannot be thrown mid-air, only placed when close to a wall or Scorestreak. (to reduce C4 spammers).

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          Re: New ideas for the next Call of Duty

          I would like to see a greatest hits title with all of the maps updated from all of the previous Modern Warfare titles. I realize that this game would be huge in size and dev however with the increased capacity of BD and advanced hardware in the PS4 and X1, it could happen. We're talking all the weapons, all the perks, all the maps, and no story mode so online ONLY!!! It would be ridiculous and I know this game would blow past expectations.

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            Re: New ideas for the next Call of Duty

            Oh yea and I don't think changing the Sniper formula is a good idea. Think about how terrible Battlefield is with weapon sway and kick...way to realistic, in fact, its so realistic it's unrealistic. As an avid shooter/sportsman/gamer, please leave some element of simulation in the game. The closer you get to war, the less fun the game becomes. The other ideas are awesome and borrow from Battlefield 2 Modern Combat (the last good BF game) so I think the would work as long as they are balanced against other aspects of the game.

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