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    Dedicated Servers Now.

      I have always thought that dedicated servers would fix the issue with COD games, but i never had anything to back it up as i have not played a FPS on xbox that had one.  In comes Titanfall.


      The more i play Titanfall, the more i hate COD.  We have all had the experience of lighting someone up and not getting any hit markers.  Better yet, when playing Core i am able to Ping the host and get a reply back which translates into, I got hitmarkers, but then i watch the kill cam after i die and it shows that i didnt hit him at all.  There are none of these issues in Titanfall, when i die in Titanfall i feel its legit.


      When i die in COD:Ghosts, it aggravates me cause most of the time i had the drop on the guy, or at least on my screen i did.  I already decided I am not buying another COD game after ghosts and playing Titanfall only strengthens my conviction.  COD NEEDS dedicated servers. Period.  It would be a much better game if they had them.  However i doubt Activision will ever create dedicated servers, they are showing they are just a greedy company that is caring less and less about the product they put out and their customers.  They definitely started showing this when they had their spat with infinity ward and forced the best part of infinity ward out. 


      Its only the natural evolution of gaming in my opinion, and Activision is going to fall behind.  Every COD game that comes out has less and less people playing it.  the drop off was after MW2.  MW3 had a good amount, then black ops 2 came out and that split the fan base and you either loved or hated it.  But still, there were less people playing either.  Then Cod Ghosts comes out, and i hardly ever see over 400k people on, when i use to see over 1M people on MW3.


      Seriously Activision, you need to create dedicated servers.  After putting out COD game after COD game every single year for the past what...10 years?, you have the money.  But you are just relying on the namesake to get the sales.


      We are just paying for the name now and are no longer getting the quality we should be.

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          Re: Dedicated Servers Now.

          I think the biggest joke to me is the idea that Ghosts runs on dedicated servers. Sure, they might exist out there somewhere, but for a very small minority of players. I get host migrations almost 2/3 the games I play in and I frequently take losses from failed host migrations (edit: games I was winning). That is what ruins it most for me.


          However, I will point out that I have experienced lag in titanfall so perhaps dedicated servers are not the answer. I have been shot around corners, and experienced bad hit detection. I've also watched players on YouTube who had more problems with the servers than I did (which resulted in a message on screen saying "reconnecting to server" or something like that. On PC it said I had anywhere from 24-40 ping and I was still experiencing some BS lag. Because of this I can't fully agree with you.


          Perhaps a new game engine will help the problem, too.

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              Re: Dedicated Servers Now.

              Gotta love that 1 dedicated server "hybrid system" Asstivision and Infiniy Bored implemented. While dedicated servers are  not the end all be all ,they can only help...

              Less lag, less host advantage/disadvantage, less cheating , etc

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                Re: Dedicated Servers Now.

                True enough.  Even with dedicated servers in Titanfall, crap still
                happens. There are one to one gunfights I should have won and I have been shot
                around corners I had already cleared, but the difference is night and day
                between it and Ghosts or BO2.

                I may be a foot or 2 within the building in Titanfall
                but in COD I'm 10 feet inside. I have yet to experience an Insta-Kill.

                     I live towards the eastern U.S. and get hooked up mostly on Titanfall's

                east coast server and I will say the lag does increase when it gets later at night when
                the west coast and further out starts connecting, but that's to be expected.  I
                guess. Overall it feels immensely better.  I don't feel as if I am getting cheated

                anywhere near as often.  I also like the fact I can pick a server if I wish, although

                I have had no need to other than out of curiosity.

                     Dedicated servers won't solve all connection problems

                but they sure help.  There is no peer to peer system, hybrid or otherwise, that

                will be better than dedicated servers if enough of them are implemnted  Lets face it -

                a dedicated server is there to do a particular task -managing connections/and or matchmaking.  A game

                console is not designed to do that - it is designed to play games.

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                    Re: Dedicated Servers Now.

                    You are absolutely right. Good post.  I really feel I am done with Ghosts, and COD in general.  I havent even played it in about a month or two unless it was for a clan war or just to play extinction.  I've really just given up on it.  Im tired of getting PO'd at the game and its BS. 

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