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    Above average PS4 members only!

      Rav4ge Gaming


      1.69 Clan K/D, 73% W/L

      9 members

      Recruiting for PS4


      Apply today if you:

      Are atleast 20 yrs old+

      Have a good working mic


      Participate in diamond clan wars from 7pm-11pm Eastern

      K/D of 1.5+, W/L atleast 65%


      Communicate well enough to do callouts effectively


      I have been a leader in 3 clans, this being my third, so I am very knowledgeable to how clan wars work, and even moreso, what it takes to build a successful clan!

      I am interested in having team players, not someone to push spawns and be a slayer.  There is a recruitment process, that is fairly easy.  I will not accept anyone not team oriented, wants kills over wins, or simply isn't enjoyable to play with.  We are looking for solid players, that are loyal to the clan. 


      Send in an invite to RAV4GE GAMING


      Message DESTROYz_1984 if you have any questions