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    Was I in a Hack Lobby

      Hi guys,


      I want to start by saying that i am relatively new to call of duty/xbox so please excuse my lack of knowledge!


      I was playing Ghosts today and saw that there was a new game mode (drop zone), so i decided to give it a shot. I ended up joining a game in progress on one of the Onslaught maps. I noticed several things:


      1) i couldnt kill anyone or even get a hitmarker or knife.

      2) Enemies couldnt kill me either.

      3) Everyone was on different teams like a free for all

      4) there was only one player that could get kills, and he could kill everyone else in the lobby.


      So, having read this forum a little bit i immediately backed out once i thought it might be a hacked lobby. I went to look up some forums on hack lobbies and none of them seemed to match what i described. I kind of just shrugged it off and started playing again, domination this time though. Sure enough the first game i join (in progress again) was the exact same thing. I didnt notice this right away and I spawned right near a flag so i guess my instinct kicked in and i immediately capped it. I got 8300 xp for that ad no it wasnt because i completed a challenge with double xp. the only other thing that was different from the drop zone game was that the score was 0 for my team, and the bar was all the way across the screen for the other team. There score was probably something crazy like 2000+ which was weird cause domination only goes to 200. Once i noticed this i again backed out.


      I was hoping someone could give me some insight on what this could be, as i said im a new player and dont have any experience with hack lobbies if this was even one. Any information would be greatly appreciated!