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    Warning: AVermedia Live Gamer Portable

      Okay I know there a lot of you who do not record your gameplay, but there are a lot of us that do and I wanted to give a little warning to anyone thinking of getting into the gameplay capture or has plans to join this awesome hobby some of us are addicted to, myself included..


      If you are think of buying a capture device please do your homework and research it before you buy.

      As of this post I would strongly advise not getting the AVermedia Live Gamer Portable for several reasons.


      1. The device I original bought from Amazon was new and after only two weeks the audio and video were out of sync by almost four seconds.
      2. During recording there was signal loss, random LGP crashs and screen tearing.
      3. Device does not work with xSplits as advertized. Each time I tried it caused my laptop to hang then crash and blue screen. After three times I was done.
      4. Lastly AVermedia shut down their support forums almost six months ago.


      Now I do understand everyones experience is different, so if you happen to own an Avermedia LGP and like it please feel free to say so below. Also if you happen to of had any of these problems and found a solution to them, please share them below as well.


      I can only speak for from my own experience and the AVermedia not having a support forum or department to help if someone has an issue with their 160 dollar product tells me a lot about them and what they are really about.


      Let the feeding frenzy begin =D