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    Looking for 4 good competitive cod ghost players, (Xbox 360)

      I have been playing competitive cod since mw2, and have hopes of making a solid competitive team. We will be scrimming daily and playing GB's. If you are a new recruit we will play clan obj and see how you play, there are no private match trials, i believe in establishing teamwork before settling 1 v 1 battles against your team mates. You need to be able to identify most call outs, and need to be 15+, Criticism is allowed to make someone better but shouting their bad and putting them down is not. Im just looking for 4 serious cod players with good gun skill and have the same drive as i do.

      Youtube, Facebook, twitter will all be established when i have the team together. There is no kd requirements just as long as you play well.


      If you wanna join message or send me a friend request on Xbox 360, gamer tag: Flujo v


      Thanks for reading.